Thursday, 28 April 2016

weyheyhey!! - toomuchnotenough [AMEN-TALIST MOVEMENT]

UK's Amen-talist Movement returns from Bangface Weekender 2016, offering a HUGE release to all Breakcore and Ravecore fans, celebrating also its 10 years of Amental activity!

This time its all about a personal work by an established producer and DJ like weyheyhey!! who's back again offering class Breakcore after his last work during 2013 titled 'Songs I Made In A Hurry EP'.
A great gift to yourselves and your friends by Amen-talist Movement and a beloved Breakcore producer like Alan MacLeod. Most fans are already embracing this release and this great return, so you won't be disappointed at all!!

Five new killers inside his personal 'toomuchnotenough' EP, are about to set your brain in amen distortion. Vibes of energy and sickness, showcasing his pure talent!

Favourite Track: 'Jakazid Literally Owes Me Money'

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Words by weyheyhey!! about his work:
"Thanks and sorry to all the actual, genuinely, talented people whose samples I nicked for these songs. Big thanks to Ali for sorting this release. Love to Dom, Modes, Dave, Dylan, Josh, Dinn, Liam and Luke you've all been utterly splendid this last year thankyou. Mixed & mastered in Chiang Mai, #thailand #thefareast #theorient."

weyheyhey !!

Amen-talist Movement

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