Saturday, 16 April 2016

[VMRDT057] USD - Willing To Fight Remixes [Avilable From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Willing To Fight (Original Mix).
2/ Willing To Fight (Cynical Gene Remix).
3/ Willing To Fight (Hektic Remix).
4/ Willing To Fight (Dredillah Remix).
5/ Willing To Fight (Paladin Remix).
6/ Willing To Fight (Skorpz Remix).

Underground drum & bass act USD and the cream of Viral-Mental Records artist roster team up for the massive 'Willing To Fight' EP, featuring six heavyweight mixes to tear up all dancefloors. 

USD sets the ball rolling with the original mix of 'Willing To Fight'. A rugged, two-step break stepper propelled by a screeching, tortured neuro-bassline laced with powerful anti war message. Cynical Gene next strips things back with his minimal reworking, and adds further warped bass manipulations over pounding, relentless beats. 

Hektic drops some junglistic, amen edits complete with uncompromising buzzsaw bass notes with his tearing remix, before things go deep and dark with Dredillah's immensely sinister reinterpretation. A killer fusion of minimal and off beat elements on the intro which soon explodes into one hell of a killer bassline. 

Next up we are introduced to the heavyweight, industrial overtones of Paladin's remix, which sees haunting atmospherics blend into immense 'Shadow Boxing' style bass groans all backed by punishing, pounding beats. The ever reliable Skorpz provides the final 'Willing To Fight' relick next, and takes things in a more dancefloor friendly direction by adding an infectiously addictive bass melody into the mix overlaid by a scuttling 2-step breakeat rhythm.

The 'Willing To Fight Remixes' EP offers up a hugely varied selection of mixes that will prove to be an invaluable addition to any headstrong D&B DJ/fanatic's music arsenal, so jump on this one before everyone else does!!!

USD's 'Willing To Fight Remixes' are available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!


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