Thursday, 28 April 2016

[RZ004] Ilk / KeeZee / Necrotype – Rollerz Vol 4 [Limited 12" Vinyl Only Pre-Order Available Now!!!]

That Side - Ilk - We Don't Know.
This Side 1 - KeeZee - Burst Into Fire.
This Side 2 - Necrotype - Fang & Claw (Bonus Track).

The Jungle Rollerz are back with a vengeance and this time they bring label newcomer Ilk along for a vinyl ride alongside familiar favourites KeeZee and Necrotype.

First off we have Ilk who takes us back to the mid nineties with the menacing ‘We Don’t Know’. Where rugged, hardstep breaks layered with ruffneck gangsta rap vocals and heavyweight bass tones ruled the jungle. This one’s not for the lightweight junglist.
Keezee’s ‘Burst Into Fire’ presents us with an intense combination of rolling Amens and Apache breaks accentuated by heavenly, soaring strings and an infectious, booming bassline melody. Perfectly capturing the vintage vibes of a certain drum & bass ‘Headz’ label.

Bonus track, ‘Fang & Claw’ by Necrotype delivers an eerie synth intro peppered with lycanthropic horror flick samples before unleashing a barrage of layered and FX-ed amen breaks, growling mentasm stabs and subsonic bass booms. A masterful piece of neo-darkcore, junglism.

The Ilk / KeeZee / Necrotype 'Rollerz Vol 4' 12" vinyl single is available to pre-order now for £7.50 (plus P&P) from the official Jungle Rollerz website and is due to be ready for delivery on 17/05/16. So be sure to get your order in now before they disappear!!!


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