Wednesday, 20 April 2016

KFA75 – Anglerfish & Lucider – Completely Different E.P (Executive Edition) [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

Have you asked for...modern hardcore music? Are you a fan of modern hardcore music?

Well you do know then which label keeps following this style and being one of the pioneers.
In addition its latest offering is a US collab between Anglerfish and Lucider offering something...'Completely Different' in order to let yourself investigate what these producers have done on this 4 track work.

Kniteforce Again and Luna-C proudly present the 75th KFA dish, which is out now including four 170bpm+ dancefloor killers and its executive edition contains a flashing smasher of a remix by Luna-C, who remains on the same mind blowing tactics as his recent remixes.
The Executive Edition will be active for 2 weeks only so hurry up and grab full release with 4+1 tracks on the official KF shop.

Tunes like 'Rumba!' are stuff that KFA obeys to and needs in its arsenal as label manager sayin on his official statement of release "Rumba! is exactly what KFA always wanted to be – happy, odd, different, amazing."
This high energetic release is simply one of the most uplifting ever released from the label.
US Kniteforce conspiracy did score on a high level!


01. Anglerfish & Lucider – Set Me Free
02. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Runaway (Anglerfish & Lucider Remix)
03 Anglerfish & Lucider – Drop
04. Anglerfish & Lucider – Rumba!

05. Anglerfish & Lucider – Set Me Free (Luna-C’s Old Skool Remix) (Executive Edition Only)

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