Monday, 18 April 2016

[DUBLINQUENTS2015.1] Tim Reaper ‎– Grapefruit EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl From Dublinquents!!!]

A1 - Grapefruit I.
A2 - Grapefruit II.
B1 - Grapefruit III.
B2 - Grapefruit IV.

For anyone who has followed the new breed of jungle and drum & bass producers in recent years, then the name Tim Reaper will be synonymous with tearing, intricately chopped up breakbeat tracks steeped in oldskool jungle attitude. For his latest musical foray, Tim teams up with the exclusively vinyl orientated, US jungle label, Dublinquents for the release of the cryptically titled 'Grapefruit EP'.

Tim first introduces us to the rolling, amen break propelled 'Grapefruit I', with it's intense blend of tearing breaks and hard hitting bass pulses interspersed with ragga vocal snippets and haunting, Middle Eastern flute sounds. In turn creating an all enveloping sense of unease throughout.
'Grapefruit II' sustains that dark atmosphere through it's addition of portentous pads and reverb soaked vocals, before dropping a complex, layered hard-step breakbeat pattern complimented by menacing, 1993 style darkcore synth riffs midway.

With 'Grapefruit III' on the flipside we are immediately launched into a fierce, Think break assault before an off kilter synth riff meshed with mangled, panic-stricken vocals kicks in. The track then quickly descends into darkside jungle tekno territory with the introduction of doom laden synths laced with 4/4 kicks and snippets of ragga chatter. 
'Grapefruit IV' rounds off the EP to the sounds of a furious avalanche of frentic drum-breaks interspersed with ominous movie dialogue clips, bombastic 808 bass booms and mentasm stab screeches. 'Graperfruit IV' does however provide some respite by delivering soothing, sweeping pads midway to bring a perfectly timed touch of light to all the darkness.

Over the past decade there has been a huge resurgence in oldskool flavoured jungle/drum & bass tracks, proving that those innovative production techniques and sounds are far from abandoned to the mists of time. With the 'Grapefruit EP', Tim Reaper expertly implements that underground, 'untitled white label' philosophy pioneered by the unsung heroes of yesteryear to devastating effect, proving that jungle is still very much a force to be reckoned with in 2016!!!

The Tim Reaper 'Grapefruit EP' limited edition 12" vinyl is available to buy now from the official Dublinquents webstore in black or limited edition coloured splatter versions for $13.00 (plus postage & packaging). Be sure to grab your copy quickly as they are sure to become highly sought after in the near future!!!

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