Monday, 18 April 2016

[DEMON5] FX - Demonic Possession Volume V [12" Vinyl Available To Purchase Demonic Possession Recordings Now!!!]

A - Hound Of The Baskervilles.
AA - World Of Darkness.

Just when you thought things were getting a little brighter with the tentative onset of Spring slowly developing, FX's Demonic Possession Recordings rises once more from it's slumber to spread it's cloak of darkness over the world with the long awaited release of 'Demonic Possession Volume V' exclusively on 12" vinyl.

We are first submitted to a full-on canine assault with the 'Hound Of The Baskervilles', a toothsome 1993 styled, slab of nuskool darkcore complete with manic, full-pelt layered breaks, sinister synth notes, thundering bass booms and unsettling horror-flick samples.
The flipside takes us into the 'World Of Darkness', where sinister descending pads accompany a pounding jungle tekno, breakbeat and kick-drum combo accentuated by an addictive, bass heavy bleep pattern and twisted acid squelches.

FX's return to the realms of darkside, junglistic hardcore proves that he has not lost his touch when it comes to providing those menacing oldskool sounds.

FX's exclusive blood-splattered clear vinyl 12", 'Demonic Possession Volume V' single available to purchase now from the official Demonic Possession Recordings webstore for £7.99 (plus postage and packaging). Get it now, before it gets YOU!!!

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