Friday, 1 April 2016

Celt Islam - Friction [Available To Purchase Now From Earth City Soundz Recordz!!!]

1/ For The Coming Man.
2/ Ilm Ul Yaqin.
3/ Friction.
4/ Transcendence.
5/ Legend.
6/ Mahdi.

The Strictly NuSkool Blog steps down a few gears, BPM-wise to delve into the very latest installment of Middle Eastern influenced, future-dub from prolific producer Celt Islam with the release of the epic, six track 'Friction' EP.

Our journey begins with the sweeping electronic sounds of 'For The Coming Man', which swiftly segues into it's companion piece, 'Ilm Ul Yaqin'a harsh, robotic bassline driven dub-fusion accentuated by Arabic verses and heavyweight, half-step breaks'Friction' up next contrasts both organic and inorganic sounds by merging together bubbling techno melodies, 8-bit bleep flourishes,  and dubstep break patterns with lilting vocals and Middle Eastern percussion. 

We are then introduced to the sprawling epic that is 'Transcendance', a swelling crescendo of skanking dub rhythms, menacing bass growls and uncompromising, pounding beats which builds in intensity until the chaos disperses into a state of tranquility where deep, atmospheric pads and uplifting synth elements combine. This respite proves only momentarily, as we are soon taken back into the tumult once more to complete our journey through the darkness. The electrifying/industrial synth and stab motifs of 'Legend' provides the listener with a deep, slice of trance inducing dubstep peppered with flashes of feedback drone and bitcore blips.

The EP is drawn to an exhilarating close with the hard hitting 'Mahdi', where Middle Eastern influences take centre stage with intricate percussive melodies being accompanied by Arabic vocal chants set to a electronic swells and pulses. Altogether, a perfect conclusion to a richly textured collection of electronic-dub set pieces that should reward all lovers of diversely influenced electronica. It's time to discover the sounds of Celt Islam!!!

Celt Islam's 'Friction' EP is available to purchase now from the Earth City Recordz Bandcamp page for the bargain price of  £5 (or if you wish to support the artist for more future projects, you can donate more!!!).

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