Wednesday, 27 April 2016

[BURELOM04] Unknown Artist – Lost [Limited 100 Copy Only Single Sided 12" Vinyl]

A-Side - Unknown Artist - Lost.

Way back in 2008 two St. Petersburg based producers created an epic, atmospheric drum & bass track which caused quite a buzz within the scene, but all signs of a release sadly disappeared into the ether with only a handful of dubplates and varied digital copies being made available. Soon after those producers disappeared from the scene to pursue other unrelated ventures, leaving the 'Lost' track to became known as one of those great melodic, amen tracks which never was to be on many a D&B forum.

However after many years, some Russian drum & bass headz did some detective work and tracked down proof of this legendary tracks existence which eventually led to the discovery of one of those elusive producers who unearthed the definitve version of 'Lost' and authorised it's pressing to vinyl via the Audio Plants/BURELOM label. 

'Lost' expertly combines the sweeping atmospherics of labels like Good Looking with the fiercely intricate breakbeat programming of Scientific Wax throughout it's near 10 minute long running time and will prove to be a delight for any drum & bass fan who loves their music to take them on a journey.

'Lost' by Unknown Artist is available to purchase from the official Audio Plants/BURELOM Bandcamp page for 6 Euros plus postage and packing. You can also donate more if you wish to support the label to produce future releases! This release is limited to only 100 copies so please don't hesitate to grab yours as they are sure to disappear out fast!!!

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