Monday, 4 April 2016

Boomsha Recordings - The Faceless Exchange of Beats [Forthcoming album - compiled by SI (2 BAD MICE)]

Words are useless when talking about class Future Jungle label Boomsha Recordings haling from UK, when this time unleashes a valuable album compiled by a legend off a great act like 2 BAD MICE. It's Si and the 16track compialtion 'The Faceless Exchange of Beats' is now previewed on Soundcloud, while you can share it all around and watch this space for the release date.

In addition, Eddy Temple Morris has described it as his best record in the world this week as broadcasted on his show 3 days ago.

In other words... Breakbeat in its definition. Breakbeat in its high level!

Here are some following words by Si as posted on the official preview of the LP  on soundcloud:

" In 1991 I watched Rob Playford insert a cassette into a tape deck, press play and ask us what we thought. The track turned out to be Music Takes You by
Blame and other than being blown away by the track, it blew my mind that someone would send in their material to a guy they had never met maybe even spoken to. I suppose that
is how it used to work though going back through the decades, but it was my first taste of A+R and it was as I would experience for the next 8 years.
Other than being in 2 Bad Mice my role at Moving Shadow evolved into A+R and I loved listening through tapes and also tracking down artists through
DJ's and smudged mobile numbers that had been stamped onto white labels. Foul Play were signed after I listened to their first EP's and rang a number that had been printed on the label. It turned out to be John's Nan and after I explained why I was ringing, she put John on and the rest is history.

There was regular trips to meet artists at their houses, motorway services, raves, pubs, record shops etc to grab their new material and chat music. There was a bond, banter and appreciation of the process. It is what I thought happened with the major labels but on a grander scale in more luxurious locations - not in a brown Vauxhall Astra parked up on the Northbound side of Toddington services on the M1.

If you know my history, then you will know that I had a break from music for a while before I dived 
headfirst back into gigs with the lads. That is where I first tasted the process that has inspired me to compile this album with Boomsha Recordings. I had to make the transition from vinyl to digital (loads of reasons why but too boring to mention here) and I then had the dilemma of accessing digital music. Being a technophobe who had NEVER downloaded music made the problem much worse, so I turned to the internet for advice.

Within a couple of weeks I was receiving music from all over the place and my problem was solved but it threw up an interesting concept. I am now regularly receiving music form all sorts of people from all over the world and it is highly likely that I will never meet these people or talk to these people, yet they are happy to send over their material to me and once in a while they ask for something from me.
This is the reason for compiling this album with a label that I not only admire but have fallen into that process of giving me music. I have never met Daz from Boomsha - I probably never will but I feel we are on the same page and he likes the idea of "The Faceless Exchange of Beats". We want you to listen to this album and appreciate the days of breakbeat - done properly. Some of the tracks may remind you of labels like Break the Limits, Blapps, Certificate 18, Good Looking, Moving Shadow, Creative Wax, Metalheadz and more.......but the majority of this album is by producers of today with a little pinch of some old skool heads in there for good measure.

The other thing that has impressed me while compiling this album - some of the producers were not even born when I first started making breakbeat music.

Si 2 Bad Mice "


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