Sunday, 17 April 2016

Amiga Breaks is over...Introducing Apogee Breaks!

Timo Paul, one of the most well known members in the Hardcore Breaks scene returns with a new project and a new alias, giving away his ex- Amiga Breaks, Digital Breaks and DJ FuzzBuzz projects.

Timo's devotion and love to the scene has been a personal achievement with many free download tunes and several released stuff on labels like Paranoid Recordings, Kode 5, Inner Minds, Dred Collective, Ransaked Records, Long Live The Animals, Big Fish Little Fish and of course his latest offering, 'Journey's End' album, which was out on digital & limited edition cd version on Dark Til Dawn Records.

Timo has recently decided to resume and change his mind and his decision to give up with music production, so he has been reborn setting up a new project called Apogee Breaks.

Check out some following words from him about his new trip as posted on his official website.

" Apogee Breaks, is my little project for creating tunes that inspire the feeling or are influenced by all things space and astronomical, this stems from my long interest in all things space and beyond and marrying my love of music has been a long time coming.

Finally this year I decided to drop the other projects I have been working on and start a new with a sound that I have been working on and a philosophy to that sound. Apogee means, "...the point farthest from a planet or a satellite (as the moon) reached by an object orbiting it ...", I felt this applied well to the music as it still follows the basics of breakbeat/hardcore breaks but tries to move further away from it but still orbits the same genre.

Previously I had produced under other aliases but as life has changed, so has my music and priorities. Apogee Breaks is not a producer name but just the name of this project, I will not be able to product as much as I did in the past due to time constraints and also wanting to spend more time on my study of astronomy.

There is still so much for me to learn and while music has been a large part of my life I wish to expand my knowledge in other areas. Apogee breaks allows me to merge these two interests."


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