Wednesday, 16 March 2016

[SCR001] Silverfox & Cronin - Ghetto Bizness EP [Beatport Pro Exclusive Out Now From S&C Recordings!!!]

1/ Place Is Rockin.
2/ Space Is The Place.
3/ Ghetto Bizness.
4/ Promise I Can.

The production powerhouse that is Siverfox & Cronin unveils a brand new label, S&C Recordings, to deliver top notch, ten-tonne bassline and breakbeat bombs to tear up all dancefloors. The label kicks things off to an impressive start with the release of the four track debut single, the 'Ghetto Bizness EP'.

Opening to the chunky breakbeat sounds of 'Place Is Rockin', we are introduced to a massive, hypnotically pulsating bassline accompanied by an even more mesmerizing synth riff and repeated vocal retorts of the track's title. Things go a little freaky with the plethora of twisted vocalisations featured in 'Space Is The Place', which blends a rumbling bassline, off-kilter synth melody and steady rolling breaks.

We are then treated to a veritable feast of rude-bwoy attitude with 'Ghetto Bizness' which drops massive bass throbs onto clattering breakbeats and rambunctious ragga chatter before the EP is rounded off in a jazzy, oldskool tinged fashion with the rugged junglistic stepper 'Promise I Can'.

Silverfox & Cronin prove that whatever style of genre that they put there talents towards, they are sure to deliver some low down and dirty, heavy bassline beasts. So go get some breakbeat funk in yer trunk!

Silverfox & Cronin's 'Ghetto Bizness EP' is available to download now as a Beatport Pro Exclusive for two weeks before going on general release to all good digital stores. 

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