Saturday, 26 March 2016

JIGSOREDIGI003:: V​/​A - Broken Britain EP (Featured tunes by Humb/Oshkosh + Ritorto/Ronin/Stazma the Junglechrist/Raggamortis/Meow Meow)

Artwork by jakmcs :

UK based soundsystem & record label like Jigsore, specified in a blend of anything Hard like Hard Drum and Bass, Hardtek, Breakcore, Hardcore, Tribe and Ragga Jungle, returns with a marvellous 6track digital EP titled 'Broken Britain'.

Starting up with co-owner of Jigsore, Southwest Junglist like Humb on a badboy killin' Ragga Jungle vibe 'Bristol Pussy Damage', while Bristol's Osh Kosh meets Ritorto on an insane Oldskool Ravey Breakcore/Hardtek vibe (love it).

Then we have UK based producer/visual artist Ronin, who strikes back after his personal release on Jigsore titled 'Cut To The Quick EP' which came as the first digital release out from this label.
'Dead Dead Ronin' must be what I meant to say by 'Jigsore blending tactics'. Dark and aggresive Hardcore, realizing why Ronin is killed inside his own rhythm!

French Breakcore gent like Stazma The Junglechirst is responsible for tones of personal mayhem regarding his various releases as well as proper mastering services. Definetely one of the most essential members in the Breakcore scene and so his installment 'Feed From Screen', will explode yourselves after hearing this deep badass acid jungle vibe!
Worth to mention that he has made the mastering in this release.

One more Bristol soldier under the alias of Raggamortis, taking us on a space trip. Or even better, this is the time when we take Breakcore into another galaxy... Or else...'Turbokid'!
Finally last submission is strictly Dutch and driven Meow Meow  proper ravecore skills and his dish called 'Medicine'.

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