Saturday, 19 March 2016

[DETA006] Pickleman - Black Mountain Motel [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]

Melbourne has the right answer screaming it loud and proud to all Junglists and IDM fans out there! A young Jungle label like Detrimental Audio delivers its 6th release so far, driven by class and mental steps of Aussie producer Pickleman (a.k.a Dan White).

Digging a lot what Pickleman has done in here, proper work in all 8 tunes featured.
You can literally notice, after giving several plays on this EP that Pickleman has been experimenting thought different influences like Aphex Twin or Squarepusher and even '90s Jungle style, while succeed keeping that vibe alive on his productions. 

Excellent release with highlight fav tunes 'Prime Suspect/Mendax/Trax' and 'M0Dm0dM0D' tho all of this EP is some really interesting stuff to hear, closing with attractive endings bleeps of 'The Realm'. 

You can purchase your copies  here



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