Thursday, 10 March 2016

[BOOM00056] Pixel - Into The Unknown [Boomsha Recordings Presents 15 Track Album Exclusive To Beatport Pro!!!]

1/ Into The Unknown (feat. Trademark Blud).
2/ Daybreak.
3/ Hal.
4/ Me Forever You (An Ode To Terri).
5/ Sleepy Hollow (feat. Skorpz)
6/ Unidentified.
7/ Sensualis.
8/ Kids In The Rain.
9/ The Tomb (feat. Blood)
10/ Tinnitus.
11/ Master Of Swords.
12/ The Origin Of Life.
13/ Tinnitus (Bay B Kane's Tone Def VIP).
14/ Tinnitus (The X-E-Dos Remedy).
15/ Feelin' It (Airwalker Remix).

For the very latest album from Boomsha Recordings, prolific drum & bass producer, Pixel takes us on an epic, genre spanning journey with the release of his 15 track, bassbin bothering magnum opus 'Into The Unknown'.

Pixel kicks off the album with 'Into The Unkown', a menacingly dark and moody downtempo track utilizing UK rapper, Tradmark Blud's venomous lyrical skills to devastating effect before the gorgeous uplifting atmospherics of future jungle track,  'Daybreak' takes us out of the darkness into the light. 'Hal' conjures up deep cinematic visions set to a rugged breakbeat rhythm, cavernous bass pulses and classic science fiction movie dialogue. The luscious 'Me Forever You (An Ode To Terri)' puts our minds at ease with it's sultry fusion of Oriental flutes, dub effects and booming bassnotes before we become re-energised by Pixel and Skorpz's tear-out amen rinseout, 'Sleepy Hollow'.

The ominous and sinister 'Unidentified' opens to crackly radio recordings describing a UFO sighting, set to a dark and heavy future jungle backdrop, to create an atmosphere of unease which just portents to forthcoming danger. Whereas 'Sensualis' envelopes the listener in immense swathes of warm bass, stepping breaks and swelling pads peppered with sensuous female sighs. 'Kids In The Rain' steps up the pace by fusing mellow soaring pads, gentle synth melody and weather effects with an energetic breakbeat rhythm and deep, yet sparse bassline. Blood joins with Pixel on 'The Tomb' next, to conjure up a fiercely moody, roller with an intense amen break switch up on the drop which is then joined by the equally heavyweight 'piece of tech-step era, dirty bass infused 140 jungle 'Tinnitus'

'Master Of Swords' takes us into the latter third of the album and plunges up deep amidst a veritable breakbeat and bass vs vintage martial arts flick sample-fest battle whilst the philosophically themed 'The Origin Of Life' dials down the tempo once more to the sound of gentle pads, soothing bass rhythms and layered Apache/Amen breaks.  'Tinnitus' then receives two thundering remixes next, firstly from the legendary Bay B Kane, who presents us with his apocalyptic, future jungle re-visioning and secondly from drum & bass pioneer, X-E-Dos who drops his industrial, dubwise version. We see the album out on a more relaxed note with Airwalker's sublime, chilled, downtempo remix of 'Feelin' It'.

Pixel in collaboration with a succession of breakbeat luminaries delivers an essential excursion into deep bass exploration with 'Into The Unknown'. Which also proves to be just as rewarding a home listening experience as it would in the club. This comes highly recommended!

Pixel's 'Into The Unknown' album is available to purchase now as an exclusive Beatport Pro pre-release for before going on general release to all digital download stores in 2 weeks time...

The album is available to preview on the Boomsha Recordings Soundcloud page link below...

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