Thursday, 11 February 2016

[RARA025] Various Artists - The Midlands Connection [Availaable To Download From All Good Red Alfa Records Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Babylon 3 - Mace.
2/ Distrax - I Feel The Friction.
3/ DJ Suspense - Seen.
4/ DJ Dossa - Dubs An' Ting.
5/ Durtee - Fair Game.
6/ Exit Point - This Beat.
7/ GLT - The Flight.
8/ Jami Rant - Rare Jewelz.
9/ Jon Ahmed - Hardkore Jungle.
10/ Langham - Ya Hear Me.
11/ Pedro Jenko - The Devil's Work.
12/ Samhain - Stomped.
13/ Nexsuz - Sleeper.
14/ Sniper - Wol On.
15/ Soundz Familia - Just Bop.
16/ Supremacy - Gang War.
17/ Thug Widow - Your Prayers Unanswered.
18/ Durtee - Transpose Ceti.
19/ Nexsuz - Phosphorus.
20/ Soundz Familia - Plots A Joker.
21/ Jami Rant - Dead Man Stance.
22/ Marcus Tee - Winter Sun.

Red Alfa Records steps back into the D&B arena with another gargantuan collection of upfront drum & bass anthems. Featuring 22 huge tracks from the very best production talent from the central belt of England, it's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog dons it's camo gear and flack jacket to investigate. 

Babylon 3 kicks off the proceedings with his heavyweight breakbeat backed, yet soulful vocalled stepper, 'Mace' which is soon accompanied by the monstrous, dark bass growls of Distrax's 'I Feel The Friction'. DJ Suspense steps into the fray next and drops the head-nodding, minimalist grooves of 'Seen', which is then succeeded by DJ Dossa's cheeky, tear-out re-rub of a veritable oldskool classic with 'Dubs An' Ting'

We are subjected to a series of punishing, ten tonne breaks and neuro bass with Durtee's 'Fair Game' before Exit Point's high octane D&B meets dub reggae skanker, 'This Beat' drops next. GLT introduces a infectiously upbeat synth melody, before tearing the listener's head off clean off with tearing, junglistic breaks and bass on the drop with The Flight, closely followed by Jamie Rant's  'Rare Jewelz', which meshes together soulful female vocals with a frenetic steppin' break and a warped, mutant bassline to great effect. We are then taken deep into the darkside with Jon Ahmed's pitch black and sinister 'Hardkore Jungle', which assaults your eardrums with a series of heavyweight breaks and mentasm flashes. 

Langham up next brings us back to the light with his mellow amen roller, 'Ya Hear Me' which pitches a jazzy synth melody alongside snippets of ragga chatter and a rude bassline. For those who prefer some deep, liquid vibes, then Pedro Jenko's smooth, sci-fi stepper, 'The Devil's Work' does the job perfectly. Samhain introduces an epic, trance 'n' bass flavoured bass-beast with 'Stomped' (watch out for those 'Predator' samples!), while we once again re-enter saw-toothed, neuro bassline territory once more with Nexsuz' deep and heavy 'Sleeper'

There are plenty of feel good ragga-dancehall and deep bass vibes delivered with Sniper's jungle-themed skanker, 'Wol On' before the album takes a detour into off-kilter D&B territory with Soundz Familia's dub-funk-jungle track 'Just Bop', which delivers a killer bassline accentuated with 8-bit 'arcade game' FX. Supremacy drops a massive slice of gritty and grimy, neuro filth with 'Gang War' next which is soon accompanied by the hauntingly deep, dark and atmospheric drones of Thug Widow's drum-step epic, 'Your Prayers Unanswered'

We are treated to some fast paced, aggro-jungle with 'Transpose Ceti' by Durtee, which sees Top Cat, ragga vocal snippets do battle with huge bass throbs and tearing amens soon to be joined by Nexsuz, who also makes his returns with 'Phosphorous', a solid neuro-stepper complimented with monolithic bass growls. Beginning with a half-speed downtempo hip-hop break, Soundz Familia's 'Plots A Joker' takes Jack Nicholson's titular take on the iconic super villain into a dirty, buzzing, bass fueled jump-up drum & bass excursion backed up by Jamie Rant's razor-sharp, martial arts themed slab of neuro-funk, 'Dead Man Stance'

The album is drawn to a close by the upbeat liquid grooves of Marcus Tee's 'Winter Sun', which adds a soothingly infectious vocal melody to a solid breakbeat arrangement to ensure that 'The Midlands Connection' album ends with a touch of funk.

The massive 'Midlands Connection' album is available to purchase from all good Red Alfa Records digital stockists now, so give yourself a D&B feast and grab now!!!


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