Monday, 8 February 2016

KFA73:: EMPYREAL 'Cheer Up EP' [out on Kniteforce Again]

Better starting this review by sharing some words by KF operator, the very respected Luna-C, who gives his aspect about this new KFA release: "...Seriously though, one of the great things about Empyreals music is that, in a scene where so much of the music is generic and obvious, he stands out. No one sounds like him, and thats how it should be. This EP is proudly hardcore in the real sense – its not predictable, its doesnt fit in, and it drops like a boulder."

EMPYREAL (a.k.a. Hendrik Blockus) returns to KFA with his 3rd personal EP. 
This release is a unique new work of 4 tracks under the name of 'Cheer Up EP', which I had the opportunity to present about 2 months ago to my radio show, having also a very interesting interview with Hendrik.

'CHEER UP E.P.' seems different in a few points with his previous releases. First of all, regarding the bpm range of the tracks and then this new work finds him more mature than ever on his sound.

First tune is 'ADM', a blend of oldskool with modern hardcore rhythms and is the lowest tune by 160 bpm tune, followed by the self titled tune 'Cheer Up' a happy hardcore techno banger of 175bpm. Then 'Hell on Earth' is the Gabber Techno banger of this release and the most heavy & dark track oup to 185 bpm, while 'La Folia' is the most typical track of him (as he has described it on his interview) and is based on a ancient musical theme, featuring also Hendrik playing an old instrument inside.

Worth to mention that this fresh KFA release is an Executive Edition of 'Cheer Up EP', exclusive to Kniteforce store for 2 weeks, including also 2 bonus tracks that will draw your attention and interest, as one of them is a banging, slammin' remix by Luna-C to 'ADM' aiming to take your back to 1994, and second one is by Demcore, an uplifting and mean hardcore techno warm up before the release of his personal KFA EP.

Finally, and most important. Empyreal has announced that this release is special dedicated to his cat loss so $1 from every Executive Edition sale, will be donated to a local cat charity in Germany called Katzenhilfe Hannover e.V (

Here's Empyreal's interview on Generation X [RadioShow] opening his files about his new work!

GRAB YOUR DIGITAL WEAPON now via KF shop here 

KFA73 - Tracklist

01. A.D.M
02. Hell On Earth
03. Cheer Up
04. La Folia

Executive Edition Tracks
05. ADM (DJ Luna-C’s 1994 Remix)
06. Demcore – Breaks In The Speakers



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