Sunday, 28 February 2016

DOHB001: FFF, Gash & Simtek, Phatword, Ronin & Dr. Colossus [LTD 12'' Vinyl & Digital Format]

Underground record label Destroy Oh Boy is a young project of a hard workin and hungry for music team of people who collaborate all together, aiming to offer class releases, focusing mostly on vinyl.

Their first release sees Bounty Killer's massive ragga vox on 'Destroy Dem Soundboy' original tune, featuring 5 remixes from established producers in the scene like Gash & Simtek, Phatworld, FFF, Ronin and Dr. Colossus.

The tactics of the label is getting all the records funded through Kickstarter campain.
This first release has already been on limited stock and as campaign closes on 8th March 2016, you better hurry up and order your copies asap.

Purchase your copies on Kickstarter here 

A1 - Phatworld - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Phatworld Mix)
A2 - Gash & Simtek - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Gash & Simteks Jukeboxx Mix) 

A3 - FFF - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Dem Fi Dead Mix)
AA1 - Ronin - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Ronins Breakcore Is Just Having A Power Nap Mix)
AA2- Dr. Colossus - Destroy Dem Soundboy (The Destroyer Mix)

Worth to mention some forthcoming names getting involved on future projects of the label, like Bong Ra, Drumcorps, Cristoph Da Babalon, Remarc, Thieves and many more others!

Show some love and support to this try and  devoted work by Destroy Oh Boy team...


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