Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Midlands Connection [out on 11th February 2016 @ RED ALFA RECORDS]

An outstanding album is upon us and closer than ever...
Red Alfa Records proudly presents this huge d&b and Jungle compilation of 22 tracks, titled 'The Midlands Connection' and remains my personal soundtrack these days.
Absolutely hyper stuff inside from some well known nuskool producers all around like GLT, Dossa, Distrax, Exit Point and many more other badboyz, coming out on digital format on 11th February 2016!

You can check out some following previewed tracks off the album.
For any further details you may contact Red Alfa and make sure to save the date for your ordering, especially to all you Junglists out there!

FAV TRACKS: 'Dundee - Transpose Ceti' Dossa' - 'DJ Dossa - Dubs An' Ting' - 'Babylon 3 - Mace'

RATE:  8/10


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