Saturday, 16 January 2016

Msymiakos - Jungle Warriors EP

Look what just swung in from the grapevine, 'any jungle in guy?' this is the Tarzan and Jane of jungle my friends!. Ok Human Traffic quotes aside, we have Msymiakos with his brand new EP 'Jungle Warriors' and as soon as you hear the first track you are transported into the world of ragga jungle at its best. Jungle Warriors the first track on the EP is the clincher and what grabs the listener straight in with its Jamaican rudeboi ya dun no riddims. The thing that jumps out at me is also the chunky breakbeats that chug along and give the already building vibe an extra edge and raw feeling, a tune well suited to the 1994 sound and wouldn't sound out of place if played in selected year set.

We move onto the last tune 'Guru Meditation' a calmer sound to the first track with a nice swirling pad to kick it off. Once again the tell tale jungle breakbeats kick in to give off that junglist vibe and sound, coupled with all this you will find more Jamaican ragga sounds which tie in together nicely with the overall flow of the track.

All in all you have a rough, raw and down right nasty set of tunes ready to be played out on big systems around the globe or just in your bedroom on a sunny day uplifting those senses and bringing a smile across your face, also perfect for them long and boring commutes into work. If your a junglist you will truly appreciate the sounds on this EP, if you are dipping your toe in for the first time with this style of music then I'd say this really is the best way to start off your listening habits and move in the direction of jungle music.

Give this a go! highly recommended, check out the links just below to see where you can purchase this stunning EP and follow Msymiakos on his music profiles.

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