Sunday, 17 January 2016

[Good News Boppers] Beat Rapist - Regrind [Qrates 10" Vinyl Crowd-Funder Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

A - Lost In Jungle (Regrind Mix).
B - Top Buzz (Regrind Mix).

The highly esteemed nuskool jungle label, Good News Boppers is back again after a short absence, and for their return they have something special lined up to welcome in 2016 with the introduction of it's very first venture into vinyl territory. And what better way to start off the label's debut vinyl release than to feature the very first ever Good News Boppers signing, the king of dark junglism himself, the Beat Rapist.

The 'Regrind' single features two classic Beat Rapist tracks from 2013's 'Dark Side EP' given a 2016, extended revamp and will lovingly pressed onto 10", dubplate style vinyl complete with full artwork sleeve. 

The menacingly tearing 'Lost In Jungle (Regrind Mix)' kicks off the 'Regrind' single with a huge nod towards mid-nineties, classical jungle style with it's fusion of intricately chopped and layered breakbeats, instantly recognisable hardcore/jungle ragga vocals and the use of an oppressively dark and all enveloping Reese bass.

On the flipside, we are dragged into the depths of an oldskool jungle rave, for an all out, amen break assault with the equally dark and moody 'Top Buzz (Regrind Mix)'. Featuring crowd cheers, vinyl spinbacks, air horns and MC shout-outs of "I wanna hear some really fuckin' loud noise!!!!", as the backdrop to a barrage of heavyweight drumwork and monstrous bass growls.

As with musical works by the Beat Rapist, the 'Regrind' single should come with a health warning stating, 'Not For The Faint Hearted'!!!

The limited to 100 copies only, Beat Rapist 'Regrind' 10" vinyl single is available to pre-order now for £10 (plus postage and packaging) via the Qrates crowd funding websiteThis release will only go ahead if all 100 copies are sold, so be sure to get your orders in now as copies are going to go fast!!! 

The release has also been mastered by veteran jungle producer and disc jockey, DJ Sappo of Advisory Studios fame, so top notch sound quality will be guaranteed.

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