Wednesday, 23 December 2015

[RARA24] Distrax - I Didn't Choose Music, Music Chose Me [Limited Edition CD Available To Purchase Now From Red Alfa Records!!!]

1/ Know What You Want.
2/ Close My Eyes.
3/ Let My Soul Fly Free.
4/ Goin Back To Basics.
5/ Get On Up.
6/ In Control.
7/ Suppressed Thoughts.
8/ Total Anihilation.
9/ Alright.
10/ Transitional Equinox.
11/ Biotic Factor.
12/ Get Up.
13/ Into The Depths Of Darkness.
14/ Jump up.
15/ Free Ya Soul.

Heavyweight drum & bass producer and regular Red Alfa Records contributorDistrax presents his debut album 'I Didn't Choose Music, Music Chose Me' featuring fifteen massive dancefloor orientated D&B floor-burners available as a Limited Edition CD.

The album opens to the sound of soulful female vocals with 'Know What You Want', which are soon accompanied by frantic amen breaks and a colossal buzz-saw bass, before we are rewound back to the glory days of oldskool rave with 'Close My Eyes', where classic Apache break breakbeats meld with a pulsating nuskool bassline and massive hands-in-the-air drop! The pace drops a touch with 'Let My Soul Fly Free' which introduces lush vocals with jazzy guitar-licks over skittish percussion while 'Goin Back To Basics' features an exhilarating blend of trance-style euphoria, and filthy D&B, bassline distortion.

'Get On Up' delivers a mash-up of ragga MC shout-outs over a twisted, growling mentasm bassline to further stamp those hardcore influences on the album before we are lured into a hypnotic state with 'In Control's skanking, reggae rhythm and haunting female sighs. Gorgeous, celestial pads open 'Supressed Thoughts' before are feet are directed to do the 2-step shuffle by stepping breaks and industrial bass notes before we are enveloped in 'Total Anihilation', a futuristic stepper with a strong sci-fi vibe and warped bass pressure.

With 'Alright' things go a little darker with the introduction of 'Terminator'-esque synth notes over relentless tech-step breaks and bass dirges. 'Transitional Equinox' up next delivers a contemporary take on the atmospheric jungle sounds pushed by the likes of A Guy Called Gerald back in the early ninties, where soaring strings merge with heavyweight bass throbs while 'Biotic Factor' leads us into a false sense of security with spacious and sparse atmospherics before belting us in the face with 'Shadow Boxing' style bass growls. 'Get Up' delivers a barrage of brain searing stabs (classic Bad Company style!!!) over frenetic, heavyweight breaks and overlaid, ragga chatter before we are hit with an immensely invigorating synth melody and amen edits.

We are then take 'Into The Depths Of Darkness', as we near the end of the album, which combines stepping breaks and eerie shriek effects with a hauntingly sinister piano melody before the soothing ambient, liquid grooves of 'Jump Up'... only kidding... before the roughneck, ragga vocalled bomb that is 'Jump Up' takes control of your feet to get them tearing up the dancefloor. We are taken back to the rave with another high energy, amen backed, ecstatic synth led floor-burner with 'Free Your Soul' which closes the album on a devastatingly high note.

Distrax proves that he has effectively mastered many styles of drum & bass with his 'I Didn't Choose Music, Music Chose Me' album, and definitely has a huge talent for delivering infectious and heavenly melodies that could be comparable to that of a D&B Burial in places as well as providing a huge nod to the scene's oldskool past. A hugely accomplished album of both dark and light, but all dancefloor based drum & bass tracks. 

The 'I Didn't Choose Music, Music Chose Me' album is available to purchase now in Limited Edition CD format for $8.00 plus postage and packaging before going on general digital release on 21/01/16. To make your order follow the link below...

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