Monday, 7 December 2015

KFA72:: True Skool E.P 11 [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

Great hardcore day today especially for all Kniteforce fans and believers, as some clips from the upcoming KFA72 have been revealed including 4 tracks of various emotions and genres!
Pretty good release in overal, I would stick moreover to the opening track coming from the legendary Luna-C offering his 3rd Piano Progression under the titled 'Plink'. It's a deep stellar path to darkness! Apart from that Audio X, owner of Aural Sex Recordings is signed to the label delivering a 145 rave breakbeat like 'Fireball' and giving the final good shot to ourselves regarding the variety & good quality of genres on this release!
...About Cru-L-T and Demcore & Eyeopena tracks? Well.. These are the proper meal of this EP, a dancefloor disaster and the main 4/4 hits of it in my opinion!

KFA72 will come out alongside an Executive Edition aswell and official release date is 14th December 2015 on the main website and on 18th January 2016 for the rest of the online stores.

01. Dj Luna-C - Plink (Piano Progression The Third)
02. Cru-l-t - Normal Track (The Right Stuff)
03. Demcore & Eyeopena - Aftershock
04. Audio X - Fireball

In case you've missed it, you can grab the last KF069 Saiyan ft. CRU-L-T 'Back To Tha Mid Skool EP'  here


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