Thursday, 17 December 2015

[JEDI 008] DJ Jedi - Here it Comes / Utopia [Pre-Order Your Digital And Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Now!!!]

A - Here It Comes (Luna-C Remix).
B1 - Here It Comes.
B2 - Utopia.

After a highly productive year of supplying the hardcore masses with five huge releases, the DJ Jedi unveils his latest entry to the Jedi Recordings discography, the 'Here It Comes / Utopia' single. A 1992 breakbeat hardcore themed, 3-tracker featuring an unmistakable oldskool legend on remix duties, Kniteforce Records label founder, DJ Luna-C.

Luna-C kicks of the single in style with his veritable rave-roller-coaster of a remix of DJ Jedi's 'Here It Comes'. Featuring full-on thundering breaks to get your feet twitching, euphoric pianos to get your hands in the air and manic stabs to get yer rush on. 
Where Luna-C's mix provides a modern, 2015 interpretation of oldskool hardcore, DJ Jedi's original 'Here' It Comes' goes back in time to recreate that authentic 1992 sound. Utilising the samples and techniques used back in the early nineties to capture that original oldskool vibe perfectly. Hard-hitting breaks, energising stab riffs, uplifting pianos and booming bass, the lot. Jedi's 'Utopia' brings the single to a close in a similar oldskool fashion, combining rolling breakbeats and grin-inducing synth stabs before we are hit by a massive, dark bleepy, DJ Clarkee-style drop midway. Though it's not long until the uplifting vibes bring us back to euphoria once more!!!

DJ Jedi has once again delivered the vinyl goods with this excellent 3-tracker, so if you have a fondness for expertly produced hardcore breaks heavily steeped in classic oldskool hardcore influences, then you'll be well rewarded by purchasing this release.

The DJ Jedi 'Here It Comes / Utopia' vinyl/digital pre-orders are available to purchase now from the Jedi Recordings Bandcamp store for the bargain price of £8.99 for the vinyl (plus P&P) and £3.75 for the digital download. The vinyl order is expected to be ready for delivery in February 2016 and will come with a free digital download of the full EP.

All digital pre-order purchases and vinyl orders come with an immediate download of 'Here It Comes (Luna-C Remix)' with the full EP being fully available digitally when the vinyls are ready for postage.

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