Sunday, 20 December 2015

Billy No Mates - Torn Up EP HCRD029 HC Recordings Forthcoming 21/12/15

The ever prolific Billy No Mates is back again with this great new EP forthcoming on HC Recordings. First we have 'Torn Up' a nice deep roller reminiscent of what LTJ Bukem would churn out in the mid 90s, a nice slice of skittish breakbeats accompanied by a swirling pad full of atmospheric goodness and upliftment gives this a distinct edge. 

We move into 'Peaking In Tongues' a slightly tougher roller with a darker edge, a change up in drums and a nicely executed rumbly bassline to caress the tune. The track really does take you onto another type of level from 'Torn Up' thus giving the listener a deeper spectrum of the scene. 

'Speed Of Dark' rounds off the EP nicely with another onslaught of broken breakbeats thrust at you in a shower of musical eargasm. Once again the skittish beats keep this bouncing along nicely with a great bassline, stab effects and the fast pace BPM's raise the level just when you are ready for more. 

All in all a great EP which needs to be in your collection, it is released on 21st December so keep your eyes and ears peeled to HC Recordings for info on how you can buy this. 

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