Saturday, 5 December 2015

[ARR055] Aces.R - Soul Reclamation [Available Now From All Good Allowance Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ ZeroZ.
2/ Harmonikz.
3/ Stone Soul.
4/ Daggerz .
5/ Revolt.
6/ Shadow Movements.
7/ The Reclamation.
8/ Symmetrik.
9/ Phantom.
10/ Guardians VIP.
11/ My Armed Response.
12/ Eagle Plaza.
13/ Everything 4aPrice.
14/ Regression. 
16/ Redemption Dub. 
16/ Cold War 2.0. 
17/ Ghost Hack. 
18/ We Roll Deep Fam.

Aces.R returns once more to Allowance Records to present his epic, eighteen track magnum opus 'Soul Reclamation', fusing razor-sharp, drum & bass with deep, bass heavy dubstep. 

The first half of the album features a predominance of clinically produced drum & bass tracks, opening with the dark and brooding drumfunk of 'ZeroZ' and it's sweepingly atmospheric companion piece 'Harmonikz'. 'Stone Soul', 'Daggerz' and 'Revolt' deliver a trio of high energy slices of future tech-step filled to the brim with solid, energising breaks, oppressive atmospherics and neuro basslines. 

The off kilter break-programming of the excellent 'Shadow Movements' prepares the listener for the change in genres, while 'We Roll Deep Fam', which closes the album, offers up a manic slab of intelligently crafted technoid-jump-up to keep the dancefloor fiends appeased as well as the headz.

'Soul Reclamation' then drops the tempo with it's first of many excursions into deep, dubstep territory with 'The Reclamation', which features a combination of breezeblock heavy breaks over sci-fi bass pulses and eerie, echoing vocals. 'The Phantom' and 'Guardians VIP' both lay down the sparse and spacious head-nodding vibes alongside reggae elements in the former and soulful essences in the latter.

The haunting pads and ethnic percussive elements of 'Redemption Dub' delivers a humanistic touch to a genre critisied of relying on over-digitalism. The last dubstep genre track of the album, 'Ghost Hack', relies on minimalistic break structures, resonating effects and uncomplicated bass notes coupled with sci-fi dialogue to cement the futuristic outlook of the album perfectly.

To conclude, Aces.R has achieved a perfect combination of the strengths of both drum & bass and dubstep genres with 'Soul Reclamation'. And this marriage should hopefully be a step to alleviate the prejudices aimed from followers of both genres towards the other, and demonstrate that there are more common relations than there are differences.

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