Saturday, 19 December 2015

Abstract Illusion - Kylo's Theme + Jungle Empire EP [Free Download - Donate How Much You Feel!!!]

1/ Kylo's Theme.

Just in time for a certain sci-fi blockbuster to hit the cinemas, Good News Boppers' head honcho Abstract Illusion drops a massive atmospheric slice of tear-out Drum & Bass entitled 'Kylo's theme' for all of the bass-fiends out there. Merging spliced amen break edits with soaring atmospheric pads, bass pulses and 'The Force Awakens' movie dialogue, 'Kylo's Theme' proves to be a perfect taster of the forthcoming 'Star Wars' themed EP, 'Some Like it Hoth' due out in 2016!!!


1/ Basstafari.
2/ Dubs Fell.
3/ Replicant Reprisal.
4/ Isolation.

As a precursor to the forthcoming 'Some Like It Hoth EP', Abstract Illusion presents the 'Jungle Empire EP', a selection of four massive, roughneck jungle tracks heavily steeped in heavyweight bass, thundering amen choppage and rudebwoy ragga chatter. 

Abstract Illusion kicks off the EP in tearing style with 'Basstafari', a three way soundclash between rapid-fire amen breaks, a menacing bassline and classic ragga MC vocals. 'Dubs Fell' follows next and opens with samples the legendary 1994 jungle documentary, 'A London Somet'ing Dis' before bombarding the listener with sub-bass and thundering breakbeat pressure.
For 'Replicant Reprisal' we are taken on an epic, nine minute journey where sci-fi cinematics and dystopian, futuristic movie dialogue meet with rolling amen breaks and oppressive bass drones. The 'Jungle Empire EP' is bookended by the sacey atmospherics of 'Isolation', a heavenly combination of soaring pads and rugged percussion combined with restrained, yet highly effective bass throbs.

Abstract Illusion delivers five slickly produced tracks that cover all bases from roughneck ragga jungle, to bass heavy drum & bass and atmospheric artcore. So show your support by picking these badboys up pronto!!!

'Kylo's Theme' and the 'Jungle Empire EP' is available to purchase now from the Abstract Illusion Bandcamp page for free, or if you wish to support the artist with future productions, you can donate however much you feel the music is worth!

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