Friday, 27 November 2015

Gareth Monks - Rock This Mofo (Kode 5 Recordings)

Think of early 90s Prodigy, think of all that energy and power they had in their music, think of how rough tough and ready they sounded. This new monster from Gareth Monks titled 'Rock This Mofo' has all the workings of such a beast! a massive fat slab of hardcore shoved in a melting pot of gold and churned out into what can only be described as something you need to own!. Bringing the vibe hardcore style is what is needed to keep the genre from going stale, this is the track to give it that kick in the pants and jolt in the right direction. Gareth knows how to work a great track and once again he delivers the goods, don your white gloves and chemical warfare suits 'cos its time to get RAVEY!

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