Tuesday, 17 November 2015

[DA004] Hornchurch Hardcore - Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1 [4-Track "12 Vinyl + Digital EP - Available Now From Dark Age Recordings!!!]

A1 - Crossworlds.
A2 - Crystal Skies.
AA1 - Immortal.
AA2 - Supernatural.

Dark Age Recordings go back to the future-past of late 1993-1994, when the jungle and hardcore scenes where in their last throws of separation before evolving into two vastly opposing forces in their own rights. With the 'Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1' EP we are presented with four authentically vintage sounding recreations of that 'Golden Era' in the history of Hardcore, Jungle and Drum & Bass.

'Crossworlds' opens up the EP with a fusion of evocative, descending pads and female sighs which are then coupled with an energising synth melody, before unleashing a barrage of fierce and heavyweight amen breaks and booming bass thumps. 'Crystal Skies' follows suit with it's fusion of gorgeously uplifting atmospherics, classic female vocal melodies and a percussive build up from stepping 'Seseme Street' breaks to intense, rolling amens. 'Crystal Skies' brings forth memories of classic Nookie/Cloud 9 from years, gone by whilst maintaining it's own identity.

On the flipside things begin to get a little darker! 'Immortal' ventures deep into atmospheric, jungle-tekno territory by utilising vintage breakbeats and setting them to an energising techno-synth melody and moody pads.The 'Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1' EP is bookended by the equally sinister 'Supernatural', which expertly employs darkcore percussive effects alongside razor-sharp, mentasm screeches, mammoth bass throbs and paranormal documentary snippets.

If the early works of Photek, DJ Rap & Voyager, Nookie/Cloud 9 and DJ Crystl are your bag, then I'd be very surprised if you failed to find anything which does not get your heart beating in this EP. An essential release!!!

The 'Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1' EP is available to purchase now from the Dark Age Recordings Bandcamp page in both digital and limited 12" vinyl formats (both priced at £6, with additional postage and packaging for the 12" vinyl). So be quick to pick up a copy as the vinyl is already selling fast!!!


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