Friday, 13 November 2015

[BOOM00053] Darkhalf - Forged EP [Exclusive Beatport Pro Pre-Release Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Wage War.
2/ Forged.
3/ Your Mind.
4/ History Repeats Itself.
5/ Uncle Frank.

Taking a quick break from my usual reviews of 170bpm junglistic/D&B breaks, we have the latest release from Darkhalf, the 5-track 'Forged EP' from long established fore-runner of the future jungle/140 jungle scene, Boomsha Recordings.

From the very start it appears that we are going to be taken on a deep and darkly atmospheric journey with the 'Forged EP', with the cinematic opening track 'Wage War' fusing ominous pads with confrontational movie dialogue over rugged, stepping breaks and enveloping Reese bass notes. It's closely followed by the 1993-style darkcore infused, 'Forged' which interlaces dark and menacing pads and 'Ansthasia' stabs over a rolling, down-pitched amen break and thunderous bassline to create a real neo-darkside anthem for 2015.

'Your Mind' strips things back to provide a frenetic, junglistic breakbeat workout set to a dubbed out bass pattern and accentuated with sci-fi soundbites, while 'History Repeats Itself' once more leads us into into darkness with a menacing, descending synth notes accompanied by a 'tin-pan' percussion and growling bass throbs.'Uncle Frank' sees Darkhalf close the EP in spectacular style through the implementation of haunting film score and dialogue from my personal favourite S&M-themed, demonic '80's horror flick. Before we are introduced to a raucous breakbeat and thumping bass melody. A perfect combination of ethereal wind instruments and roughneck drum breaks.

Darkhalf expertly weaves together a deliciously sinister, yet equally atmospheric collection of tracks to satisfy both the mind and the feet with the 'Forged EP'. But be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted. Strictly for the true darkside warriors only!!!

Darkhalf's 'Forged EP' is available to purchase as an exclusive Beatport Pro pre-release, before it hits all major digital download stores in 2 weeks time. So jump on this quickly before everyone else does!!!

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