Monday, 19 October 2015

Introducing:: MARRA MUSIC (UK)

The statistics are around 200 plays on 3 tracks during his first 2 days on Soundcloud, where he has revealed some of his personal stuff taken from a variety of vibes on his arsenal. 
UK's Marra is a new blood producer and very promising new entry in the Nu-Rave scene as can be noticed from his mental bits.

Fancy learning few things about his story so far?

He started making music in around 1991/92 after experiencing his first rave.
He already had some friends who were into production, so he decided to save up for an Amiga and lots of the gear I.E.  Juno keyboards. He produced for about 5-6 years, then stopped for a long while and returned a few years ago as he messed around with sounds.
In the year 2015, he started taking it seriously again. Sadly, lost a lot of old recordings from the Amiga as moved away from London and sold his equipment.
There are already some bits made on tape which are in no good quality, a couple of them have been recreated, but mainly he's more into making new stuff but in an old skool style.

Fav genres: Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Old Skool (House, Acid) and some early Drum & Bass. old deep house and...a few cheesy pizzicato 96/97 style tunes!

Influences: Red Alert and Mike Slammer, Brisk, Jimmy J and Cru-L-T, Rebel MC, Stakker, Dillinja, 4hero, Joey Beltram, Urban Shakedown are few to mention.


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