Friday, 4 September 2015

VA - The New Movement 3 [Core Collective Records]

Core Collective's new compilation is epic both in proportion featuring a bumper 27 tracks and epic in it's sound too, a collection of Breakcore, Gabber, Speedcore & Hardcore Techno featuring killer tracks such as AcidBurnOut 'Which Way Is Sideways', the beat boxing hyper Jungle of Kyou1110's 'Repeat', MATT: Scratch's DJ Zinc tribute '194 Trek', Jonny 5's junglist riddim 'City Of Thieves', Mon Jadden's insane breakcore banger 'Nightmare In The Rave', just a few highlights of a great compilation, energetic, loads of fun, banging with a capital B and just the ticket us starved Breakcore/Gabber fans have been waiting for, did I mention its a free download?

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