Thursday, 3 September 2015

[PRMP3016] Tha Liquid - Coreflakes EP [Free 4-Track EP From Paranoid Recordings]

1/ Without You.
2/ Smooth But Hazardous.
3/ Hire Me Fire Me.
4/ Coreflakes.

Paranoid Recordings have teamed up with Tha Liquid for their next release in a long running series of top notch, and free hardcore breaks EPs, entitled the 'Coreflakes EP'.

The 'Coreflakes EP' kicks off with the powerful and emotive, piano led 'Without You' which expertly incorporates thundering amen breaks with pan pipe flashes and a touch of melancholic synths.  For 'Smooth But Hazardous' Tha Liquid takes us on another atmospheric, piano led rolling breakbeat trip which evokes memories of classic labels like Symphony Sound. Both 'Without You' and 'Smooth But Hazardous' prove to excellent example of what can be done with hardcore without the use of vocal sampling.

Things go full-on junglistic on the epic raggacore monster, 'Hire Me Fire Me' which throws rudeboy bassline, tear-out breaks, rave stabs and braggadocios ragga chatting into the melting pot to create a jungle-warrior of a tune. The EP's title track, 'Coreflakes' concludes things in proper 1992 fashion by incorporating a simple, rolling amen break, moody synths and classic oldskool female vocal samples. A perfect finish to a prefect collection of eclectic hardcore breaks tracks from Tha Liquid and the Paranoid Recordings crew.

Tha Liquid's 'Coreflakes EP' is available to download for free from the Paranoid Recordings Soundcloud page (just click on the downward arrow on each track).

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