Monday, 7 September 2015

[JEDI 7] Insomnia - Nostalgic / Down To Earth [Official Oldskool Repress From Jedi Recordings]

A - Nostalgic.
B1 - Down To Earth.
B2 - Down To Earth (Jedi Remix).

For Jedi Recordings' 7th release, DJ Jedi has gone all out to hunt down the rights to press an official re-release of a much sought after oldskool rarity. Insomnia (aka DJ UFO and Chris Rossi) originally released 'Nostalgia / Down To Earth' on C.S.I. Records in 1992 and both tracks will be repressed as a limited edition, vinyl only release featuring a 2015 remix of 'Down To Earth' by DJ Jedi himself.

Kicking off the A-Side is the 1992 classic 'Nostalgia' which features rolling breaks backed by a spine-tingling piano melody, deep ebbing bass, a combination of ragga and female vox plus an energising, uplifting synth section. 'Down To Earth' on the flipside combines stepping Think breaks, ruffneck air horns and a junglistic bassline accompanied by a twisting, acid riff and euphoric rave vox. 

The 'Down To Earth (Jedi Remix)' adds an additional moody drop to the original's main elements and switches in a 'Some Justice' breakbeat as the main percussive backbone to create an essential hardcore breaks update that DJ Jedi is renowned for. The Insomnia 12" is going to be a must for all oldskool and nuskool vinyl enthusiasts alike.

Insomnia's 'Nostalgia / Down To Earth' is available to preorder now from the Jedi Recordings Bandcamp page for £9.99 (plus P&P), and is expected to be ready for distribution in November, so be sure to jump on these as they are due to sell out fast!!!

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