Wednesday, 2 September 2015

DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks Mix August 2015

Some words from DJOVERDOSE about his fresh mix with a hardcore breaks selection!

" This month see's a Nu Skool mix, with a junglist theme. All the happy heads are not going to be too pleased. It's not my fault (lol), just the way the tracks were released! This last month or so has seen Luna C release a new type of "supaset" comprising of remakes of many classic old skool beats. Some of the remakes are very good, and he's also been offering them up for free, a track every couple of weeks. In addition to that there are a few tunes from producers but all are in a pretty dark and dingy 1993-1994 sound.

Anyway, hope you like this installment. Hopefully back to some vinyl treasures from next month:)

Shouts to the usual guyz and gurlz. Big ups to DJ Gunnee and shouts to all the Dream crew, Monita, Monk, Wise, Bagpuss, Fat Controller etc.
Shout to Rick and Ginny, see you soon . Shouts to Jedi and Sy. Shout to Liban, Owen and Shane you fkin muppets! And big ups to Gl0wkid and Nicky Nutz Nico.

Get shwifty. "

01 - DJ Overdose - All The Vampires Intro
02 - Beat Rapist - 666 The Beast Cometh
03 - C.R.I.P. - The Ghost
04 - Nicky Allen - NAD#19
05 - Orchid - I Want U
06 - Amiga Breaks - 1994 Crew
07 - Sparki Dee - You Sir
08 - Jack To The Sound
09 - Amiga Breaks - Back 2 Dalston Lane
10 - Kharman - Straight Jacket
11 - Mighty Dreadnaut - Smokin' A Blunt
12 - Acen - Trip 2 The Moon Part 2 (Luna-C's Timewarped remake)
13 - Slinks - Drop It Down
14 - Simon Harris - Flatliners (Yell-O-Phase Remix)
15 - Sound Corp - Dream Finder (Luna-C's Timewarped remake)
16 - DJ Mark C - Rearrange The Sky (Darkcore Remix)
17 - Kaps - The Fucking Lizard
18 - Rick And Morty - Get Shwifty

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