Sunday, 6 September 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Slekta - Jungle Reworked (PT 1) [Download Available Now!!!]

1/ Doves (Jonny 5 Remix).
2/ Rewind To 95 (Rad Rod's Remix).
3/ Doves (Galvatron Remix).
4/ Adventures In 5:4 (FOTH Remix).
5/ Rewind To 95 (Exit Point Rmx).
6/ Doves (Norfik Rewrk).

Dark Til Dawn Records revisit May's Slekta 'Jungle Reworks' EP to add 6 brand new remixes to their discography. Featuring a heavyweight selection of nuskool producers on remix duty, 'Jungle Reworked (PT 1)' is guaranteed to deliver sound system devastation.

'Jungle Reworked (PT 1)' opens with Jonny 5's jazzy tinged, yet slightly sinister amen rinse out remix of 'Doves'. Meshing in jazzy keys alongside ominous, chopped up choir FX over a rolling drumbreak. Rad Rod's frenetic, jungle-footwork revamp of 'Rewind To 95' then incorporates intricately fragmented and spliced breakbeat edits alongside half-speed claps and mashed up female vocals. 

Galvatron steps up next to provide his reinterpretation of 'Doves', where he fuses two iconic breaks (the Amen and 'Angel' break) to accompany an ominous, dark jazz tinged soundscape peppered with classic jungle vocal FX. Slekta's 'Adventures In 5:4' then receives a deeply atmospheric and rolling, drum & bass rework from FOTH, who adds insanely tight amen choppage and sublime bass patterns that could easily match Dillinja in his prime. 

'Rewind To 95' sees another junglistic reworking, this time from Exit Point who takes things right back to the dancefloor with his solid, dancehall bassline meets dub-skank flavoured, jungle/D&B remix. Norfik concludes this collection of remixes with his short but sweet, jazzy, amen break led version of 'Doves' which comes complete with dusty vinyl crackles and spacious, trippy key notes. Altogether an excellent grouping of five unique and varied Slekta revisionings that'll prove essential for both jungle/D&B headz and ravers alike.

The Slekta 'Jungle Reworked (PT 1)' remix EP is available to download from the Dark Til Dawn Records Bandcamp page for the bargain price of $3 (or you can donate more to support to the artists and label if you so chose!!!).

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