Friday, 11 September 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Jim Z - Expedition [Single Of The Week - Free Download!!!]

1/ Expedition.

For the latest Dark Til Dawn records Single Of The Week, Oz based junglist Jim Z takes us back in time to when jungle tekno ruled the airwaves and raves with his sublime 'Expedition' single. Combining a thumping 4/4 kickdrum with a metallic, timestretched amen break as the main percussive elements. Jim z also peppers 'Expedition' with two instantly recognisable, vintage jungle samples to get the oldskool heads flashing their lighters and throwing their hands in the air. A wicked free release, so no excuse to pass it over. Get onnit!

Jim Z's 'Expedition' Single Of The Week is available to listen and download for free from the Dark Til Dawn Records Soundcloud link below..

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