Saturday, 8 August 2015

[LB 028] Prime Attack - Final Curtain EP [Liquid Boppers Juno Exclusive Available From 10/08/15]

1/ Play With You.
2/ Rhythm Take Control.
3/ Easier To Love.

Looking for some smooth drum & bass grooves? Then let Prime Attack's forthcoming  three track release on the Liquid Boppers label, the 'Final Curtain EP', take you on a bliss-filled, liquid journey to paradise. 

From the snappy, 2-step breaks, the pulsating bass and trancey melodics of opening track 'Play With You' and it's companion piece the similarly themed 'Rhythm Take Control', the 'Final Curtain EP' brings forth fond memories of early noughties D&B flirtation with 'Trance & Bass' and it's fusion of chilled breaks, rave vocals and soaring synths. 'Easier To Love' on the other hand adds a more frenetic break alongside warm bass throbs and diva vocals to great effect.

Altogether a classy yet melodic selection of tunes from Prime Attack who takes the liquid drum & bass formula into new territory to great effect. An essential addition to any chilled D&B setlist.

Prime Attack's 'Final Curtain EP' is available to download exclusively from Juno Download from 10/08/15...

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