Wednesday, 26 August 2015

[INMR002] Various Artists - Worldwide Jungle Vibe [12-Track Free Album - Out Now From Inner Minds Recordings]

1/ 16AJ - Make Your Choice (Liver Die).
2/ 8en - Buried.
3/ Amiga Breaks - Back 2 Dalston Lane.
4/ Londy - Things Change.
5/ Msymiakos - The Norwegian Junglist.
6/ Paul Cronin - Bad Girls Go To Hell.
7/ Mighty Dreadnaut - Smokin A Blunt (Remix).
8/ D-Audi - I Feel Good.
9/ Myk Dubz featuring Lily Garcia - The Dark Strings.
10/ 2Brainz - Space Jam.
11/ Zsonic - Assassin Droid.
12/ Redshift - We're Reggae.

To prove that jungle has long become a worldwide musical phenomenon, Inner Mind Recordings have pooled some of the best talent from as far and wide as Norway, Germany, USA, Japan, Canada and the UK for the release of the massive 'Worldwide Jungle Vibe' album.

'Worldwide Jungle Vibe' sets itself off in a ruffneck, junglistic fashion with the tearing and sinister and cinematic opener, 'Make Your Choice (Liver Die)' by 16AJ closely followed by 8en's 1994-style homage to bass heavy, dancehall, ragga-jungle, 'Buried'. Amiga Breaks then timewarps us back even further to 1992 with 'Back 2 Dalston Lane', where he infuses snappy breaks with an infectious piano melody, moody bass throbs and classic diva vocals.

Londy changes things back a gear with the sublime and jazzy vibed 'Things Change' before Mysmiakos adds some serious dub flavours to the amen driven 'The Norwegian Junglist'. 'Bad Girls Go To Hell' by Paul Cronin sees his trademark, heavyweight D&B amens meet with monolithic rave stabs and one killer bassline.

The Mighty Dreadnaught revisits some classic oldskool jungle themes with his tearing 'Smokin A Blunt (Remix)', complete with some cheeky samplage like they used to do so well back then. D-Audi then follows up with a chilled, yet rolling amen-funk workout on 'I Feel Good' which is sharply contrasted by Myk Dubz' pitch black and ominous 'The Dark Strings' featuring the seductive vocals of Lily Garcia.

2Brainz drop an atmospheric slab of next with 'Space jam', which focuses on breakbeat layering and choppage and is then accompanied by the futuristic, sci-fi funk of Zsonic's frenetic stepper, 'Assassin Droid'. 'We're Reggae' by Redshift bookends the album perfectly with an epic percussive festival of dub effects and rolling breaks with the focus bringing atmospherics for your mind and your feet.

The 'Worldwide Jungle Vibe' album showcases just how far the original London based genre has spread across the world, and now that it has reached it's 21st anniversary of it's peak, it doesn't appear to ave lost any momentum in creativity or influence on new artists. A welcome to any serious jungle/oldskool/D&B head out there.

'Worldwide Jungle Vibe' is available to download for free from the Inner Minds Recordings Bandcamp page now (or you can donate however much you feel it's worth to support future projects), so be sure to get yourself a copy of these 12 tracks of breakbeat and bassline bliss!!! _____________________________________________________________________________

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