Friday, 14 August 2015

FAYDZ... Live From Planet Smiley #2

The first chapter of this new series of Faydz mix was totally successful and the long awaiting 2nd was is up now and available to listen & grab it on free download. 74 minutes of a massive selection of oldskool & nurave tracks alongside unique mixing & scratching skills of the mighty Faydz!

And, some words from him as posted on his Soundcloud page:

" Here's my latest Podcast... Live from Planet Smiley #2! Big thanks to all of you that checked out the first one I did in July and really appreciate all the great feedback! This month's set kicks off with loads of classics from the late 80s / early 90s, then in to some of the tunes I played at Camp Bestival the other weekend and finally in to some wicked new Rave tunes from Pianohead / DJ Jedi -
Retropolis -
DJ Nefti -
I hope you enjoy the mix everyone and if you do, please share with other people that might like it too! Cheers guys :) "


Finally do not forget all Faydz and Oldskool fans to save the date of Friday 25th September. for the FAYDZ 40TH BIRTHDAY BASH! @ Rift & Co Swindon UK

Featured acts/djs:

2 BAD MICE (Bombscare / Moving Shadow Records)
FAYDZ (2 hour set)
MENACE (Homeboyz Recordz)
CROCKS (Ektos)
Hosted by MC Richie D (Devotion - Goldiggers)

more info:

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