Saturday, 15 August 2015

AB010:: The Skool Of Hard Knox [ACME BASS RECORDS]

This EP has everything needed from mutant rave to clear banging hardcore from a hard workin and pure underground label like UK's Acme Bass Records!
The 10th release is out now titled as 'The Skool of Hard Knox' including 4 tracks of proper damage & proud rave attitude. I really love this label, can't hide it and its roster of mutant soldiers is always devoted & passionated on their productions!
First track coming from label's runner like Manarchy and a hardcore breakin' Technical Warning' following with C-More's bassline 'Final Onset' and then mr. '140 hardcore breaks' the man like Mr. Sin from Liverpool tryin to life you up!
Last track comes from a new addition on the label like RBR and a cell-killer of a track, which expressed in full effect the title of this release!

Get ready for your self Brain Smash in the Skoold of Hard Knox - Grab it now, donate here

RATE: 9/10
Fav Track: RBR 'Brain Smash'


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