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Xeno23::XENOPHOBIA 'Bring On The Rush' CD/LP [coming out - August 2015]

First of all, would be cool to take things back making a short kind of tribute to Sid Truelove & Zillah Minx, who are the main suspects behind Xenophobia project.

The story starts around late 1979 where Sid joined with Zillah Minx and formed the Anarcho Punk group called Rubella Ballet []which has its first release in 1982 and the latest Album during 2014 is titled 'Planet Punk' and received great feedback from the masses. It was a kind like the band who bridged the gaps between The Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex, and Crass.
Sid's interest to acid house and the early rave sounds, drove him to extend and explore new directions using an Atari computer running Cubase a program for sequencing, a Yamaha SY77 digital workstation and a four-track Tascam Portastudio for recording vocals.
That was the time when he started producing his own style of rave music featuring also Zillah Minx vocals and Bert Fuzz MCing skills. And thats how XENOPHOBIA were formed with DJ Terminator (Sid Truelove) , Urban Violet Queen (Zillah Minx) and MC Scallywag (Bert Fuzz) setting up a leading trio of pioneering and skillful act in the Oldskool scene!

The first Xenophobia release came out in 1991 with 'Hypo Psycho' 12'' EP and of course everyone remembers the monster tracks like 'Rush in The House' and 'The Wobbler' (Kickin Records). The band did several P.A.s and built its own character in the scene, remaining still very respected to the Oldskool community!

25 years after their formation and as the band is celebrating 25 years anniversary, a new album is about to come out aiming to take us back to the '92 hardcore sounds!

Prepare yourselves for an amazing summertime of '92 with a new double album from Xenophobia titled 'Bring on the Rush' which includes 16 digitally remixed tracks ft. also the rave anthems ‘Rush in the House’ & ‘The Wobbler', This release will be available in all formats out on Xeno Recordings and as mentioned on band's facebook page:

"...The first 50 LPs will get a free download of the 16 track CD with 14 tracks from the LP plus two remixes, an unreleased remix of ‘The Wobbler’ and a more recent unreleased breakbeat remix of ‘Rush in the House’. 
For advance orders for Retail and Trade contact Simon from Underground Music "

You can check out all tracks on Xenophobia's official soundcloud page here:

01. Rush In The House
02. Into Combat
03. Easy Does It
04. Feel The Fire
05. Tears Of Gladness
06. Subsoniq
07. Brothers & Sisters
08. Justice
09. Doet
10. We Come in Peace
11. Project 250
12. Battle Stations
13. The Wobbler
14. Syko DF
15. Emergency
16. One Step Beyond

...and now let yourself travel back in time on a short trip to 1992 to remember both Xenophobia anthems played out live by them @ Rave World 1992


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