Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'The Strictly Nuskool Blog' Experience [mix by The Psysicist]

George Psimmenos aka The Physicist from Greece, is a great fan of this Blog, as he's been supporting tracks from SNB releases on his radio show called 'The Doppler Effect(broadcasted @ www.Report2Dancefloor.com) and more than that, remains a true oldskool & vinyl lover!
Here's a mix he made some days ago, showing appreciation to SNB's label's aspect and of course showcasing the producers involved inside!


01. D.S.K.F. - Feel The Power (Pursuit Remix)
02. Orestiz - Wake Up And See
03. DJ Wislov - Don't Leave Me
04. Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand And Stare)
05. Paul Cronin - Next Is The Ecstasy
06. Chiqui - Rock The Beat
07. DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
08. Bassraver - Trippy Dayz
09. Gareth Monks - Ghost Plate
10. Alex Breako - Deep Love Pt 1
11. Liam Taylor - Sounds Of Rave
12. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream
13. Gareth Monks - The Smokers Dream
14. Champion Breaks - Darkside Of Tariq
15. Sparki Dee - Race Against Time
16. Hamsta - Biscuit Nibbler
17. Mad Dog - Monged Out (DJ Nicky Allen And DJ Mystery 2014 Remix)
18. SKRU - Playday

You can grab the SNB back catalogue from this link here:
www.mediafire.com/download/v7562nmfbfsulcc/STRICTLY_NUSKOOL_BLOG_bac_cat_2015.rar [includes 13 EPs/2 Albums/8 xlclusive tracks]


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