Monday, 20 July 2015

[PRMP3015] Various Artists - The Universe EP [Free 4-Track EP From Paranoid Recordings!]

1/ The Ruffneck - 92 Steps To Heaven.
2/ Orchid - I Want U.
3/ Lenized - The Squandering Of The Little Sperm That Could.
4/ RenegadeGenius - People Of The Universe.

Paranoid Recordings present the 5th in a series of hardcore breaks EP's based on forum oldskool forum competition entries, and similar to previous entries, they've picked four underground hardcore, gems chock full of rave energy! 

The Ruffneck steps into the arena first with '92 Steps To Heaven', a mellow hardcore track with a massive, chiming techno melody, reminiscent of early Nookie/Absolute 2  Records B-Sides, accompanied by a rolling amen break and choice movie dialogue sampling.
Orchid drops the mentasmic 'I Want You' next featuring warped hoover riffs and 'Anasthasia' stabs over chunky 'Some Justice' breaks and soothing synth notes before unleashing one hell of a 'hands-in-the-air' drop for the euphoric crew.

The uniquely titled 'The Squandering Of The Little Sperm That Could' by Leonized opens up the 2nd half of the EP in full-on jungle-breaks fashion with reversed bass throbs, rugged breakbeats and a plethora of classic ragga samples spread throughout. Definitely one for the sample spotters this one! 
'The Universe EP' is drawn to a fittling close by RenegadeGenius with his darkly 1992-styled 'People Of The Universe' which mixes high-pitched hip-hop rhymes, clattering breaks and revving mentasm riffs to perfectly embody the spirit of white label hardcore from days gone by.

'The Universe EP' is available to download direct from the link provided below or from the official Paranoid Recordings Soundcloud page for free, so be sure to follow and leave your feedback if you're feeling the tunes!

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