Thursday, 2 July 2015

[LB 027] Ji Ben Gong - Under The Sun [Juno Download Exclusive 06/07/15]

1/ Spring Times.
2/ Under The Sun.

The Liquid Boppers label times their next release, 'Under The Sun' by Bordeaux based producer Ji Ben Gong perfectly for the Summer heatwave with two liquid drum & bass numbers.

'Spring Times' kicks things off liquid D&B style fusing jazzy trumpet flourishes over stepping breakbeats, piano notes and a hypnotic, gentle synth and bass melody. A perfect track to accompany hazy, sunny evenings.
Jungle meets Barry White (?) with 'Under The Sun' which combines soulful, funk grooves with rolling amen breaks, possible vocals from the big man himself and a bassline which would make even Nightmares On Wax envious.

Of the two tracks I would have to say that the infectiously euphoric vibes of 'Under The Sun' would be the pick of the bunch. Essential picks for your Summertime soundtrack!

Ji Ben Gong's 'Under The Sun' 2 track digital download is available to purchase exclusively from Juno Download on the 6th of July.

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