Thursday, 23 July 2015

Jungletekmafia - Jungletekmafia Vol 1 [14 Track Album Out Now On Amen4Tekno Recordings!!!]

1/ Mandidextrous & General Waste - Crazy Jungle.
2/ Mandidexterous - Hot Hot Hot Remix (Wicked Squad).
3/ Mandidextrous - Ganja Marker. 
4/ Slinks Ft MC Stavros - Anything & Everything.
5/ Slinks - Runaway.
6/ T-Menace Ft Konspiracy - Armed And Dangerous.
7/ T-Menace - Consciousness.
8/ Mikkim Ft Zareb - Guns Of Kingston (T-Menace & Heatzy Remix). 
9/ Matt:Scratch - Peas In Glove.1
10/ Matt:Scratch - Ruff & Tumble.
11/ Dr Roman - Super Sharp (OG Remix).
12/ Major Upset - No Rest For The Wicked.
13/ Major Upset - Beat That Chest.
14/ Major Upset - 2 Bags Of Grass.
After releasing a slew of digital and 12" vinyl singles and EP's, the jungletek scene's premier label, Amen4Tekno Recordings presents the first in a series of Jungletekmafia albums featuring 14 of the freshest and filthiest dancehall ragga meets hardcore tekno tracks.
Jungletek-Queen and Amen4Tekno label owner Mandidexterous in collaboration with General Waste kicks the album off with the aptly titled 'Crazy Jungle' which incorporates pulsating bass throbs with intricately chopped up breaks and chipmunked vocals. Mandi then follows up with the infamous 'Blow Your Head' synth meets General Levy's chatting in the massive 'Hot Hot Hot Remix (Wicked Squad)' and the marijuana championing 'Ganja Marker'.
'Anything & Everything' by Slinks featuring the vocal talents of MC Stavros acts as a statement of intent for both Amen4Tekno and the jungletek movement by dropping thundering drum & bass breaks over a buzzsaw bassline. Slinks then follows up with the equally hard-hitting 'Runaway' which mashes warped, techy bass, rolling, chopped amens and soulful ragga vocals.
T-Menace and Konspiracy steps into the arena next with the dancehall legend Cutty Ranks receiving a jungletek makeover in the pounding, yet skanking 'Armed And Dangerous'. Coming in with a massive, revving bassline and feel good reggae vibes, T-Menace returns yet again with 'Conciousness' and in collaboration with Heatzy, provides a rinsing remix of Mikkim Ft Zareb's rebellion inciting 'Guns Of Kingston'.
Matt:Scratch provides two darkly menacing hardcore techno meets jungle breakage tracks with 'Peas In Glove' lifting from a DJ Hype and MC Fats classic and to create a hypnotic, rhythmic monster of a tune and 'Ruff & Tumble' infusing an infectiously melodic synth amongst manic thumping bass and breakbeats.
The M-E-T-H-O-D Man meets with The Ganja Kru on Dr Roman's 'Super Sharp (OG Mix)'. A massive junglistic, gangsta rap and hardcore soundclash of a tune guaranteed to turn any open-minded dancefloor into a veritable battlezone!

Major Upset bookends the album with a trio of tracks beginning with the tearing yet introspective sounding 'No Rest For The Wicked' (check that spine-tingling, string melody!!!). To follow, 'Beat That Chest' fuses female ragga chat with stepping breaks and rudeboy bass, and then brings things to a close inna ruffneck fashion with plenty of amen choppage with '2 Bags Of Grass'.

'Jungletekmafia Vol 1' provides the perfect starting point for anyone who wishes to educate themselves on the sounds Amen4Tekno Recordings and jungletek in general, however jungle purists may do well to either stay clear, or just forget about your prized white labels for an hour and 18 minutes and have a bit of fun!!!
'Jungletekmafia Vol 1' has been digitally mastered by Chris Jarman (AKA veteran Drum & Bass producer Raiden) and is available to purchase from the Amen4Tekno Recordings Bandcamp page link below for £15 in a variety of digital formats. As an exclusive bonus, all purchases of the album come with the opportunity to purchase the official 'Mandidexterous USB Sample Pack' for the discounted price of £10 allowing you to create your own jungletek, dancefloor bombs, so don't sleep on this one!!!!
Be sure to follow Amen4Tekno Recordings and keep your ears peeled for 'Jungletekmafia Vol 2' coming soon...!

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