Wednesday, 22 July 2015

[ARUK 81] Various Artists - Let It Be Told [23 Track Hardcore Breaks Compilation Out Now On Anymous Record UK!!!]

1/ Gareth Monks - 4EVER4U.
2/ Nicky Allen - Powerful New Force.
3/ Liam Taylor - Imortal Crew.
4/ DJ Wislov - Unknown Anthem (Original Mix).
5/ Underheadz - Drum N Breakz (Club Mix).
6/ DJ Wislov - The Bouncer.
7/ Nayim - Looking Your Eyes.
8/ DJ Wislov - Baila.
9/ Ravevolver - As Beat Bump My Head So Bad.
10/ Dimi P - Akshun.
11/ Mimang - Flame In The Dark Star (Paul Cronin Remix).
12/ Shifter - If You Die A Devil.
13/ Mimang - Flame In The Dark Star.
14/ Gentleman Bastard - Devastate To Motivate.
15/ Ravevolver - Murder Was The Rave.
16/ Mimang - Keep Doing Whatcha Doing.
17/ Paul Cronin - Mafia.
18/ Paul Cronin - Pac Man Terror.
19/ Ravevolver - Rave Generation.
20/ Paul Cronin - Torpedo.
21/ Ravevolver - Rave Symphony.
22/ Paul Cronin feat. New5ense - Rock On The Spot.
23/ Paul Cronin feat. New5ense - Rock On The Spot (Mimang Remix).
For some the glory days of oldskool rave from 1991-1993 have never faded, and continues to be a major influence and inspiration to 40-something ex-ravers and fresh faced newcomers alike. To celebrate the heyday of hardcore rave, Anonymous Records UK have gathered together the finest new and upcoming producers from around the world to take things back to the oldskool, hardcore rave style for their massive 23-track 'Let It Be Known' compilation.
From Gareth Monk's energetic, stab-heavy breakbeat hardcore opener '4EVER4U' to Mimang's excellent reworking of 'Rock On The Spot' by Paul Cronin feat. New5ense which concludes the album, 'Let It Be Told' covers all forms of oldskool rave styles.
If mean and moody 1992-style hardcore is your bag then Nicky Allen delivers with 'A Powerful New Force', a heavyweight amen-led, classic sci-fi samplefest. While DJ Wislov celebrates that manic oldskool sound with his epic 'Unknown Anthem' and takes you back to the bleeps and breaks days of 1991 with 'The Bouncer'. The Underheadz offer up a hip-hop vs. hoovers soundclash with their 'Drum N Breakz (Club Mix)' while the Gentleman Bastard drops his devastating chopped amen masterpiece 'Devastate To Motivate'.
Upfront hardcore breaks is the case with Shifter's melodic, yet driving 'If You Die A Devil', Raveolver's thundering techno-core monster 'Rave Symphony' and Paul Cronin's D&B meets hardcore 'Mafia' with it's infectious trumpet sample.
Dimi P brings the tempo down a notch with 'Akshun', a hypnotic slab of piano-infused, oldskool house which is accompanied by Raveolver's jazzy bassline and breaks number, 'A Beat Bump My Head So Bad'. In sharp contrast to the previously mentioned breaks track, Ravevolver also drags you deep into jungle territory with the ragga/D&B bomb 'Murder Was The Rave' for those who like their breaks low down and dirty.
And for those who prefer their hardcore in a happier vein then Nayim drops a cheeky late 80's mainstream pop vocal hook with 'Looking Your Eyes', as does Mimang's classic rave vocal led 'Flame In The Dark Star' (and Paul Cronin's firing remix) and Liam Taylor's euphoric piano hardcore anthem 'Imortal Crew'.
To sum the album up, the 'Let It Be Told' compilation offers up a massive, and essential selection of upfront and euphoric tracks over a broad spectrum of oldskool rave styles for all hardcore enthusiasts. Ya don't need me to tell you to get onnit!!!!
The 'Let It Be Heard' compilation is available to download exclusively from the Juno Download webstore individually or in album bundles from £7.49 for 192br MP3, £9.16 for 320br MP3 and £12.49 for WAV files...

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