Friday, 31 July 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Vel Curve - High Speed [Free Single Of The Week]

1/ High Speed.
For the latest Dark Til Dawn Records freebie Single Of The Week they have enrolled the talents of Vel Curve who drops a lushly atmospheric piece of upfront drum & bass entitled 'High Speed', complete with rolling amen breaks, melodic techno keys and a warm Reese bassline. An essential addition to the collection for all followers of modern drum & bass.
Vel Curve's 'High Speed' is available to download for free from the  Soundcloud player below (click on the down arrow on the top-right corner), so be sure to play it loud and follow the label for more freebies.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'The Strictly Nuskool Blog' Experience [mix by The Psysicist]

George Psimmenos aka The Physicist from Greece, is a great fan of this Blog, as he's been supporting tracks from SNB releases on his radio show called 'The Doppler Effect(broadcasted @ and more than that, remains a true oldskool & vinyl lover!
Here's a mix he made some days ago, showing appreciation to SNB's label's aspect and of course showcasing the producers involved inside!


01. D.S.K.F. - Feel The Power (Pursuit Remix)
02. Orestiz - Wake Up And See
03. DJ Wislov - Don't Leave Me
04. Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand And Stare)
05. Paul Cronin - Next Is The Ecstasy
06. Chiqui - Rock The Beat
07. DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
08. Bassraver - Trippy Dayz
09. Gareth Monks - Ghost Plate
10. Alex Breako - Deep Love Pt 1
11. Liam Taylor - Sounds Of Rave
12. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream
13. Gareth Monks - The Smokers Dream
14. Champion Breaks - Darkside Of Tariq
15. Sparki Dee - Race Against Time
16. Hamsta - Biscuit Nibbler
17. Mad Dog - Monged Out (DJ Nicky Allen And DJ Mystery 2014 Remix)
18. SKRU - Playday

You can grab the SNB back catalogue from this link here: [includes 13 EPs/2 Albums/8 xlclusive tracks]


Monday, 27 July 2015

Introducing:: PRESSURE (GR)

Spiros Stamoulis a.k.a. Pressure (or SpiralS as his Trance alias) is a new blood producer, that will definetely draw your attention as he has pure hardcore inside him!

He grew up listening to cassettes of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and 80s dance in general, while in the early 90s, caught up with acid and hit-house and that was the time when he entered the world of Rave, Trance and Drum & Bass.

As a producer, Pressure made his first tracks using Fast Tracker II and since then he's still faithful to trackers and hardware synths. His production variety consists of different genres like Breakbeat, Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Trance and Techno sounds, influenced always by the Oldskool spirit.

Most of his tracks were made around early 00s and some of them were even played out in clubs, parties and radio shows.

One of his tracks titled 'SADRAGGA' was made in 2006 and the idea of it was a tune with ragga loop using the Public Enemy’s (and later Techno two’s) break ft. a reverse hardcore synth melody. This 9 yr old track will be featured on a forthcoming release, which will be out from the Strictly Nuskool Blog featuring Greek producers dealing with Hardcore only.
Worth also to mention that this is his first confirmed signed track ever, even tho he's been producing for many years!

You can check out the preview of 'SADRAGGA' on his soundcloud page here:


Pressure's main influences are acts like Jean Micheal Jarre, Acen, Altern8, NRG, Invisible Man, Paradox, Art of Trance, Westbam and Ruffneck, just few to mention.

Apart from producing he was also involved with radio production as in 1997, he co-hosted the ''Break Alert show'' with his friend TheMaxx, which was broadcasted on different radio stations in Greece like Sky Radio FM, Blue Sky FM, Free FM, Tektonic web radio and finally as a Break Alert web radio. 

As a DJ, he experienced his first gig in 1998 after joining the Suburbia Crew. He played in Greek clubs (based in Athens) like Mad Club, Berlin, Graffiti, 7Heaven and in Capital (Lefkada). 
Over the last years, Spiros is a member dj of ‘90Vibes crew' spinning 90s dance music in various bars and clubs of Athens, alongside two of his old Suburbia partners and friends, Limited and Keith.


DJ Luna-C - Supaset 16 - Timewarp Volume One

"....The result is Supaset 16, The Timewarp set. The basic premise is this – if these artists were making these tracks today, how would they sound? If a 1992 Acen had been somehow given access to a 2015 studio, how would his track have sounded? I deliberately set myself aside as much as I could – I wanted to be a ghost of a producer, rebuilding the tracks but having no artistic impact.

I have tried to get as close to the originals as possible in every way possible. Some actually sound like I have magically pitched them up with no audio loss – these are the ones I am most proud of. Some differ from the originals because nowadays, you can either be 4×4 or breaks and bass. Back in the day, tracks often combined 4×4 and a bassline, which works with a light bassline, sort of, but absolutely would not work on the modern dance floor. So with some tracks, I had to make a choice which way to lean. It was important to me that the tracks could be played to a modern audience without compromising the original vibe.
I think I have done okay with that bit, the best I could do. "

Read full of his review/blogpost as posted on the official KF website here:

So this is the new Supaset 16 with Luna-C dropping a massive selection of oldskool vibes from big acts like Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era, NRG, Fat Controller, Baby D, The Prodigy and many more others. These tracks used on Supaset 16 are remade from scratch and offer much emotion and happiness! Amazing result from a skillful, beloved andf established man in the scene like Luna-C..
No more words as am currently on the 2nd time in the row listening to it.. so addicted!

Press 'PLAY' button and remember that.. He and We never lost OUR HARDCORE!

Don't forget to sign up on the KF mailist list (go to the original KF website for it) as Luna-C is about to give away 24 tracks for free via this mailist list, every week 1 free track starting up from tomorrow!


Sunday, 26 July 2015

[LB 028] Markus Tee - Days Gone By / Break Through [Juno Exclusive Download - Available From 27/07/15!!!]

1/ Days Gone By.
2/ Break Through.

Markus Tee returns to the Liquid Boppers label with two sublime, yet energetic drum and bass tracks, from the rolling amen breaks and sweeping strings of 'Days Gone By', which captures the essence of mid-nineties atmospheric jungle labels like Bang-In Tunes, Lucky Spin and Liftin' Spirits Records, to the modern liquid drum & bass vibes of 'Break Through' which combines stepping breaks with lush, melodic keys.

The 'Days Gone By / Break Through' two track single is a sure-fire addition to any liquid or atmospheric drum & bass playlist and is available to purchase exclusively from Juno Download from 27/07/15.

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Friday, 24 July 2015


Track Killer is a 38 yr old producer from Athens/Greece focusing mainly on the harsh side of hardcore influenced by all forms of early gabber, mostly Ruffneck Gangsta Alliance productions and Cenobite productions and of course UK hardcore breaks scene. He's also inspired by artists like Lockjaw, Predator, Ruffneck and Leviathan.

Kostas has been producing since 2002 using the "holy trinity" (Cubase SX, Reason, Wavelab) and his first release came out in 2008 with a track titled 'Against The Machines' which is a collaboration with DJ Throttler. This tune featured on the Album 'V/A KONKRETE' out from Spectraliquid label.

After all these years, of neverending hard work on Gabber style tunes, he finally managed to get signed on a Dutch label like Brutal Force Records (sub-label of D-Force Records) offering 3 nuclear bombs on a fresh EP titled ''I'll Get You'' which is out now on digital format!
The style is strictly Dutch and fit to the label's sound providing sick gabberish attitude!
Totally a must weapon for all hard crew out there!

Grab your copies on

Beatport  here
Juno  here
Amazon  here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK: ''I'll Get You''

Track Killer's forthcoming releases
Worth to mention that Track Killer will be involved on a forthcoming Strictly Nuskool Blog release, which will cover 'Hardcore in Greece' (more info tba) and before that, in a few months from now, a new personal EP will be released on Brutal Force Records again, which shows much appreciation to his style as it seems!
Finally one more new track of him will be featured on 'Evidence Tape [special collectors release]' out during August 2015, compiled by dj/producer and owner of Painbringer Records, Painbringer



The Urbanizer - Wreckage [Free Weekly Download From Dark Till Dawn Records!!!]

1/ Wreckage.

Dark Til Dawn Records have been firing out top notch jungle, drum & bass and hardcore breaks and future jungle releases at a rapid bass since the label first emerged last year. And to accompany their EP releases they have also offered up some astounding weekly freebies to satisfy the needs of manic, breakbeat fanatics.

Leeds based producer, The Urbanizer is given his time to shine with the unleashing of his stripped back junglistic square off track, 'Wreckage', which features some of the most intense and intricately spliced amen edits overlaid with thumping bass notes and movie fight scene dialogue. A fierce piece of manic junglism that is just begging to be cranked up fill volume to massacre the dancefloor!

'Wreckage' by The Urbanizer is available to download for free from the Soundcloud link below, and be sure to keep tabs on the Dark Til Dawn Records Soundcloud page for forthcoming weekly freebies...

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Thursday, 23 July 2015


Jungletekmafia - Jungletekmafia Vol 1 [14 Track Album Out Now On Amen4Tekno Recordings!!!]

1/ Mandidextrous & General Waste - Crazy Jungle.
2/ Mandidexterous - Hot Hot Hot Remix (Wicked Squad).
3/ Mandidextrous - Ganja Marker. 
4/ Slinks Ft MC Stavros - Anything & Everything.
5/ Slinks - Runaway.
6/ T-Menace Ft Konspiracy - Armed And Dangerous.
7/ T-Menace - Consciousness.
8/ Mikkim Ft Zareb - Guns Of Kingston (T-Menace & Heatzy Remix). 
9/ Matt:Scratch - Peas In Glove.1
10/ Matt:Scratch - Ruff & Tumble.
11/ Dr Roman - Super Sharp (OG Remix).
12/ Major Upset - No Rest For The Wicked.
13/ Major Upset - Beat That Chest.
14/ Major Upset - 2 Bags Of Grass.
After releasing a slew of digital and 12" vinyl singles and EP's, the jungletek scene's premier label, Amen4Tekno Recordings presents the first in a series of Jungletekmafia albums featuring 14 of the freshest and filthiest dancehall ragga meets hardcore tekno tracks.
Jungletek-Queen and Amen4Tekno label owner Mandidexterous in collaboration with General Waste kicks the album off with the aptly titled 'Crazy Jungle' which incorporates pulsating bass throbs with intricately chopped up breaks and chipmunked vocals. Mandi then follows up with the infamous 'Blow Your Head' synth meets General Levy's chatting in the massive 'Hot Hot Hot Remix (Wicked Squad)' and the marijuana championing 'Ganja Marker'.
'Anything & Everything' by Slinks featuring the vocal talents of MC Stavros acts as a statement of intent for both Amen4Tekno and the jungletek movement by dropping thundering drum & bass breaks over a buzzsaw bassline. Slinks then follows up with the equally hard-hitting 'Runaway' which mashes warped, techy bass, rolling, chopped amens and soulful ragga vocals.
T-Menace and Konspiracy steps into the arena next with the dancehall legend Cutty Ranks receiving a jungletek makeover in the pounding, yet skanking 'Armed And Dangerous'. Coming in with a massive, revving bassline and feel good reggae vibes, T-Menace returns yet again with 'Conciousness' and in collaboration with Heatzy, provides a rinsing remix of Mikkim Ft Zareb's rebellion inciting 'Guns Of Kingston'.
Matt:Scratch provides two darkly menacing hardcore techno meets jungle breakage tracks with 'Peas In Glove' lifting from a DJ Hype and MC Fats classic and to create a hypnotic, rhythmic monster of a tune and 'Ruff & Tumble' infusing an infectiously melodic synth amongst manic thumping bass and breakbeats.
The M-E-T-H-O-D Man meets with The Ganja Kru on Dr Roman's 'Super Sharp (OG Mix)'. A massive junglistic, gangsta rap and hardcore soundclash of a tune guaranteed to turn any open-minded dancefloor into a veritable battlezone!

Major Upset bookends the album with a trio of tracks beginning with the tearing yet introspective sounding 'No Rest For The Wicked' (check that spine-tingling, string melody!!!). To follow, 'Beat That Chest' fuses female ragga chat with stepping breaks and rudeboy bass, and then brings things to a close inna ruffneck fashion with plenty of amen choppage with '2 Bags Of Grass'.

'Jungletekmafia Vol 1' provides the perfect starting point for anyone who wishes to educate themselves on the sounds Amen4Tekno Recordings and jungletek in general, however jungle purists may do well to either stay clear, or just forget about your prized white labels for an hour and 18 minutes and have a bit of fun!!!
'Jungletekmafia Vol 1' has been digitally mastered by Chris Jarman (AKA veteran Drum & Bass producer Raiden) and is available to purchase from the Amen4Tekno Recordings Bandcamp page link below for £15 in a variety of digital formats. As an exclusive bonus, all purchases of the album come with the opportunity to purchase the official 'Mandidexterous USB Sample Pack' for the discounted price of £10 allowing you to create your own jungletek, dancefloor bombs, so don't sleep on this one!!!!
Be sure to follow Amen4Tekno Recordings and keep your ears peeled for 'Jungletekmafia Vol 2' coming soon...!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

[ARUK 81] Various Artists - Let It Be Told [23 Track Hardcore Breaks Compilation Out Now On Anymous Record UK!!!]

1/ Gareth Monks - 4EVER4U.
2/ Nicky Allen - Powerful New Force.
3/ Liam Taylor - Imortal Crew.
4/ DJ Wislov - Unknown Anthem (Original Mix).
5/ Underheadz - Drum N Breakz (Club Mix).
6/ DJ Wislov - The Bouncer.
7/ Nayim - Looking Your Eyes.
8/ DJ Wislov - Baila.
9/ Ravevolver - As Beat Bump My Head So Bad.
10/ Dimi P - Akshun.
11/ Mimang - Flame In The Dark Star (Paul Cronin Remix).
12/ Shifter - If You Die A Devil.
13/ Mimang - Flame In The Dark Star.
14/ Gentleman Bastard - Devastate To Motivate.
15/ Ravevolver - Murder Was The Rave.
16/ Mimang - Keep Doing Whatcha Doing.
17/ Paul Cronin - Mafia.
18/ Paul Cronin - Pac Man Terror.
19/ Ravevolver - Rave Generation.
20/ Paul Cronin - Torpedo.
21/ Ravevolver - Rave Symphony.
22/ Paul Cronin feat. New5ense - Rock On The Spot.
23/ Paul Cronin feat. New5ense - Rock On The Spot (Mimang Remix).
For some the glory days of oldskool rave from 1991-1993 have never faded, and continues to be a major influence and inspiration to 40-something ex-ravers and fresh faced newcomers alike. To celebrate the heyday of hardcore rave, Anonymous Records UK have gathered together the finest new and upcoming producers from around the world to take things back to the oldskool, hardcore rave style for their massive 23-track 'Let It Be Known' compilation.
From Gareth Monk's energetic, stab-heavy breakbeat hardcore opener '4EVER4U' to Mimang's excellent reworking of 'Rock On The Spot' by Paul Cronin feat. New5ense which concludes the album, 'Let It Be Told' covers all forms of oldskool rave styles.
If mean and moody 1992-style hardcore is your bag then Nicky Allen delivers with 'A Powerful New Force', a heavyweight amen-led, classic sci-fi samplefest. While DJ Wislov celebrates that manic oldskool sound with his epic 'Unknown Anthem' and takes you back to the bleeps and breaks days of 1991 with 'The Bouncer'. The Underheadz offer up a hip-hop vs. hoovers soundclash with their 'Drum N Breakz (Club Mix)' while the Gentleman Bastard drops his devastating chopped amen masterpiece 'Devastate To Motivate'.
Upfront hardcore breaks is the case with Shifter's melodic, yet driving 'If You Die A Devil', Raveolver's thundering techno-core monster 'Rave Symphony' and Paul Cronin's D&B meets hardcore 'Mafia' with it's infectious trumpet sample.
Dimi P brings the tempo down a notch with 'Akshun', a hypnotic slab of piano-infused, oldskool house which is accompanied by Raveolver's jazzy bassline and breaks number, 'A Beat Bump My Head So Bad'. In sharp contrast to the previously mentioned breaks track, Ravevolver also drags you deep into jungle territory with the ragga/D&B bomb 'Murder Was The Rave' for those who like their breaks low down and dirty.
And for those who prefer their hardcore in a happier vein then Nayim drops a cheeky late 80's mainstream pop vocal hook with 'Looking Your Eyes', as does Mimang's classic rave vocal led 'Flame In The Dark Star' (and Paul Cronin's firing remix) and Liam Taylor's euphoric piano hardcore anthem 'Imortal Crew'.
To sum the album up, the 'Let It Be Told' compilation offers up a massive, and essential selection of upfront and euphoric tracks over a broad spectrum of oldskool rave styles for all hardcore enthusiasts. Ya don't need me to tell you to get onnit!!!!
The 'Let It Be Heard' compilation is available to download exclusively from the Juno Download webstore individually or in album bundles from £7.49 for 192br MP3, £9.16 for 320br MP3 and £12.49 for WAV files...

Check out the 2 preview mixes below for a taster...

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Monday, 20 July 2015

[PRMP3015] Various Artists - The Universe EP [Free 4-Track EP From Paranoid Recordings!]

1/ The Ruffneck - 92 Steps To Heaven.
2/ Orchid - I Want U.
3/ Lenized - The Squandering Of The Little Sperm That Could.
4/ RenegadeGenius - People Of The Universe.

Paranoid Recordings present the 5th in a series of hardcore breaks EP's based on forum oldskool forum competition entries, and similar to previous entries, they've picked four underground hardcore, gems chock full of rave energy! 

The Ruffneck steps into the arena first with '92 Steps To Heaven', a mellow hardcore track with a massive, chiming techno melody, reminiscent of early Nookie/Absolute 2  Records B-Sides, accompanied by a rolling amen break and choice movie dialogue sampling.
Orchid drops the mentasmic 'I Want You' next featuring warped hoover riffs and 'Anasthasia' stabs over chunky 'Some Justice' breaks and soothing synth notes before unleashing one hell of a 'hands-in-the-air' drop for the euphoric crew.

The uniquely titled 'The Squandering Of The Little Sperm That Could' by Leonized opens up the 2nd half of the EP in full-on jungle-breaks fashion with reversed bass throbs, rugged breakbeats and a plethora of classic ragga samples spread throughout. Definitely one for the sample spotters this one! 
'The Universe EP' is drawn to a fittling close by RenegadeGenius with his darkly 1992-styled 'People Of The Universe' which mixes high-pitched hip-hop rhymes, clattering breaks and revving mentasm riffs to perfectly embody the spirit of white label hardcore from days gone by.

'The Universe EP' is available to download direct from the link provided below or from the official Paranoid Recordings Soundcloud page for free, so be sure to follow and leave your feedback if you're feeling the tunes!

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

RU35977::1st SCIENCE - Caught In A Groove [out on RECORD UNION]

The 1st Science is definetely an established producer in Hardcore Breaks and Nu-Rave scene in general, as he's been producing hardcore tracks since 2004 with lots of releases on labels like Hardcore Lives Records, Right Touch Records, Bat Beat Recordings (using Overtime Crew alias) and of course Paranoid Recordings.

Some months ago he has unleased his very own first personal album titled 'Caught In A Groove' featuring 10 tracks of him, delivering pure hardcore breaks on one of the most characteristic personal albums in the hcb! Out now on digital format @ Record Union.

Get into this one!

01 Caught In A Groove
02 Juno Bass
03 Born 2 Roll
04 Wrong Side Of Town
05 Brainwashed
06 Living Dream
07 The Galaxy
08 Science Comes 1st
09 Back To The Old Skool
10 Thank You!

Grab your copies on
Beatport  here
Juno here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK:  'The Galaxy'  -  'Living Dream'   -  'Back To The Oldskool' 


BIT001:: Pinky & The Brain - SweetHeart [out on Break It XtraHard Records]

One more new label is born in the Nu-Rave scene during this year! Big welcome to the very promising Break It XtraHard Records, formed by Stuart Brown (aka Abzolution) based in UK!
The aim of the label is to bring the best uplifting piano breaks tracks around from well known and upcoming producers, so anyone fancy sending any demos can contact via label's soundcloud page!

Its first release sees the light of a massive piano breaks tune in the name of 'Sweetheart' by two class piano breaks suspects like Andy Wilson & Tom Parr also known as Pinky & The Brain, who have already released class vibes on Good Times Recordings and they are back in the game, with this uplifting summer sweetness!

Grab your copy on:

Beatport here
Amazon  here
Juno here
iTunes here
Trackitdown here

Njoi the preview here:

Show some support & love to the act and the label on the following links:


Break It XtraHard Records

Friday, 17 July 2015

V.A. - The Mothership Album [OFF ME NUT RECORDS]

Sheffield's finest, Off Me Nut Records, is back with a big compilation of 15 nuclear bombs of bassline, jungle and pure rave stylee vibes providing proper 'mutant' behaviour, featuring also  great names inside like Thorpey, Squire of Gothos, Kid Lib, Spongebob Squarewave, Phatworld, K-Orse & Basshound, L3ft Lucas and many more others!
Definetely a must have digital album for every raver and party head out there under the price of 4 quid only! 
Grab it now on the OMN official bandcamp page here

Rate: 8/10

Fav Tracks:
'Spongebob Squarewave  Walthamstow Massiv' - 'AYU Acid - Feel Good Walkz'  - 'The Squire Of Gothos - Thinkaz'


You can check out a special showcase dedicated to this release, as broadcasted some days ago on SolidSound FM on DSFM 93.9FM presented by Dublin's radio producer/DJ, the man like Kushti!


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Xeno23::XENOPHOBIA 'Bring On The Rush' CD/LP [coming out - August 2015]

First of all, would be cool to take things back making a short kind of tribute to Sid Truelove & Zillah Minx, who are the main suspects behind Xenophobia project.

The story starts around late 1979 where Sid joined with Zillah Minx and formed the Anarcho Punk group called Rubella Ballet []which has its first release in 1982 and the latest Album during 2014 is titled 'Planet Punk' and received great feedback from the masses. It was a kind like the band who bridged the gaps between The Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex, and Crass.
Sid's interest to acid house and the early rave sounds, drove him to extend and explore new directions using an Atari computer running Cubase a program for sequencing, a Yamaha SY77 digital workstation and a four-track Tascam Portastudio for recording vocals.
That was the time when he started producing his own style of rave music featuring also Zillah Minx vocals and Bert Fuzz MCing skills. And thats how XENOPHOBIA were formed with DJ Terminator (Sid Truelove) , Urban Violet Queen (Zillah Minx) and MC Scallywag (Bert Fuzz) setting up a leading trio of pioneering and skillful act in the Oldskool scene!

The first Xenophobia release came out in 1991 with 'Hypo Psycho' 12'' EP and of course everyone remembers the monster tracks like 'Rush in The House' and 'The Wobbler' (Kickin Records). The band did several P.A.s and built its own character in the scene, remaining still very respected to the Oldskool community!

25 years after their formation and as the band is celebrating 25 years anniversary, a new album is about to come out aiming to take us back to the '92 hardcore sounds!

Prepare yourselves for an amazing summertime of '92 with a new double album from Xenophobia titled 'Bring on the Rush' which includes 16 digitally remixed tracks ft. also the rave anthems ‘Rush in the House’ & ‘The Wobbler', This release will be available in all formats out on Xeno Recordings and as mentioned on band's facebook page:

"...The first 50 LPs will get a free download of the 16 track CD with 14 tracks from the LP plus two remixes, an unreleased remix of ‘The Wobbler’ and a more recent unreleased breakbeat remix of ‘Rush in the House’. 
For advance orders for Retail and Trade contact Simon from Underground Music "

You can check out all tracks on Xenophobia's official soundcloud page here:

01. Rush In The House
02. Into Combat
03. Easy Does It
04. Feel The Fire
05. Tears Of Gladness
06. Subsoniq
07. Brothers & Sisters
08. Justice
09. Doet
10. We Come in Peace
11. Project 250
12. Battle Stations
13. The Wobbler
14. Syko DF
15. Emergency
16. One Step Beyond

...and now let yourself travel back in time on a short trip to 1992 to remember both Xenophobia anthems played out live by them @ Rave World 1992


Follow Xenophobia and Sid Truelove on the following links:



DJ GEN (JP) Guest Mix @ GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] - Planet Rave Radio (14.07.2015)

One of the most essential representers of the class Hardcore School of the long island, DJ GEN from Sendai, Japan was GL0WKiD's special guest on the latest Generation X [RadioShow] as broadcasted on Planet Rave Radio []

DJ GEN, apart from his producer & dj role, he's also manager & founder of hi-lite Records.
His influences cover genres like UK Happy Hardcore and 90's Rave sound, and regarding his personal releases he's already signed tracks/remixes on DJ Shimamura's label Dynasty Records and Notebook Records.

DJGEN dropped a proper selection of happy hardcore vibes including also tracks from him and some mcing inside from MC SHUN (hi-lite Records) MC STONE (WEEKEND RAVERS/HARDCORE BELIEVER) and MC Rakutensai

Tracklist featured on the show:

DJ Owl - (WOW) That Is Hard Core
United States Beat Squad - Rewind vol 2
Dead Rave - Higher
Eat Rave - Back To '92 (Coming On Strong)
JAKAZiD - Need U More (Extended VIP)
Nicky Allen - I Want Your Love (Neurygma remix)
Rave Federation - Motivate your Mind
The Prodigy - Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix)
Urban Hype - A Trip to Trumpton
Albin Myers & Carli - The Legend (Busy Tempo Original)
Orestiz - Simply Say Raw
Gareth Monks - K.W. Tribute
Nefti - The Only One (Rave Force Remix)
Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)

DJ GEN guest mix
01. Force & Styles – United In Dance (Eruption & Hixxy Remix)
02. Brisk & Trixxy ‎– Euro Love
03. DJ GEN & MC STONE – Sleng Teng 2015
04. DJ Ham ‎– Is Anybody Out There? (Remix)
05. VGT – VG#2
06. Liqo feat.楽天斎(Rakutensai) – Into The Theater (GEN Remix)
07. DJ GEN – SGD#1
08. DJ Brisk & Trixxy – Show Me The Way
09. Donna Blakely – Happy (Triple J Remix)
10. BUZZMASTA – SWEETEST (Gen's Coffee Jelly Dub In May)
11. Robbie Long & Coyote – Ultimate Sounds
12. Brisk & Trixxy Feat. Lenny – See The Light
13. Fade & Bananaman Feat. Abbey ‎– A Dreams Surprise
14. DJ Hixxy & MC Sharkey ‎– Toy Town
15. Triple J ‎– Follow The Sun
16. Hixxy & Sharkey ‎– Wanting To Get High
17. DJ Shimamura – Tokyo Hardcore Music All Night Long (Lulickma & Gen's Till The Sun Comes Up Dub)
18. DJ Shimamura & DJ GEN – One More Time (Gen's Emotion Dub)
19. Bang! ‎– Cloudy Daze (Ham Mix)

closing track: Luffy - Hold me In your Arms