Saturday, 13 June 2015

[YMMM002] ScanOne - I'll Be Your Eyes [Limited 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Avilable From Modified Magic]

 A1 - I’ll Be Your Eyes.
B1 - We Copy. 
B2 - Ssik 92.

Quick on the heels of Tap Throw's 'Dip Switches EP', the Modified Magic label uncovers their second release, the 'I'll Be Your Eyes' EP by ScanOne, head honcho of the Yellow Machines label head honcho. Featuring three slabs of deep and dark, oldskool hardcore, techno and jungle influenced tracks with a touch of the abstract and the off-kilter.

The EP begins in a tearing, dark jungle fashion with 'I'll Be Your Eyes' which lays down metallic, time-stretched breakbeats and sweeping synths on the intro, which then merge into militant, Funky Mule breaks, bleeps and technoid bass throbs. The track then gains in momentum before unleashing a massive, spine-tingling synth drop with resonating chime effects, and more spacious pads, before rounding things off with additional layered, darkside breakbeats. An epic piece which combines the frenetic elements of 1993 hardcore and jungle with those of techno and electronica to immense effect.

'We Copy' follows in a similar manner as it's predecessor with 1992-style, junglistic drumbeats interspersed with rolling Apache breaks, nods to oldskool hardcore's hip-hop sampling rots,  and booming bass pulses which carry a warped, acidic bassline and techno blips over sinister synth notes. A true trip to the darkside!

The EP is rounded off by the cryptically named 'Ssik 92', a moody hardcore/jungle inspired track oozing with menacing synths, bubbling bassline, dub-reggae drumrolls and an immense, disconcerting, warped acid flourish to add a sense of unease.

Altogether ScanOne has crafted a trilogy of deeply sinister hardcore/jungle tracks which wear their leftfield techno influences proudly on their sleeves. The 'I'll Be Your Eyes' 3-Tracker is a perfect addition of those who appreciate the futuristic vision of the 1993 hardcore and jungle scenes and the pioneers of forward thinking electronica. Essential listening!

ScanOne's 'I'll Be Your Eyes' limited edition vinyl 12" is available to pre-order from the Modified Magic Big Cartel webstore link below for the price of £7.99 plus P&P



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