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I had some cool chat these days with Stamatis Kipouros, an established member in hcb & nu-rave scene hailing from Salonica/Greece. The main theme of our discussion was about his story so far so we've started talking about his early Rememberrave project till his current Motiv Breaks days..

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this lovely trip with him to

" About 9 years ago Vasilis Sideris came to my place and i still remember that day back then when i've made an oldskool hardcore tune and passed it to Vasilis to tell me what he thinks.
He absolutely liked it and that time he kept on visiting more often my home.

We caught up together doing experiments in tracks and once we had 3-4 tracks finished, we've set up a Myspace page giving a project name aswell, which was actually an answer and an essential key element that has been missing from our city, Salonica! And this was to make all oldskool clubbers from our city reborn and re-live the 90s again!
This was the period when Rememberrave were born.."

" We've started writting music with less knowledge in production technique, but the progress of production helped a lot when we've got connected with different people from Sonic Fortress & Dragon Technical crew, Nefti, Simon Holmes, Don Gorgon, The Flashback Project, DJ Pete, John Kidson just to name few of them over internet rave forums (Backtotheoldskool & Nu-Rave). These people were very important and respected to us and we we sharing the same music passion! Apart from that I was in full insomnia awake all night long studying about music production..

The first vinyl release came out from Sonic Fortress 'Rememberrave - The Golden Years EP' after Gareth & Phil came in contact with RR via Myspace. "

" Our early sound had been upgrading after we bought new equipment like hardware synths & various dj controllers and started playing out various parties in Salonica/Greece with the help & support of DJ Nuff and Koots MC [Polylicks].
That was the time when we met Orestiz and set up our own parties named 'Rip Up The Soundsystem' focusing mainly on the Nu-Rave sound (Hardcore Breaks, J-Tek, Rave Breaks, Future Jungle)
Whitetower Digital was born.. Various releases from the label where given on free download and some others where available on or chemical records net store. "

" After a long break we decided to change the project's name to MOTIV cos we've felt it was a bit stupid keeping that RR cos it was inappropriate as a name , alongside seeing that we've been supported by 
various european countries like UK, Poland and Germany so we wanted to offer something fresh and new to our vibes surrounded by oldskool, dnb, breaks and house, and covering Nuskool Breaks sounds!

MOTIV switched to MOTIVBREAKS from now on driven by myself as a self project and experimenting on different kinds in Breaks genre.
I'm already signed to an established Greek label like VIM Records. And the f
irst release from there is titled BE WITH ME-RELEASE ME[VIM BREAKS BRONZE CAT NUM.001] "

The latest release from White Tower Digital is a past EP including tracks from Rememberrave made around mid00s and is a pretty gem in their own history & Nu-rave scene in general. Stamatis mentioned few words about it sayin:

" The Past EP is actually a kind of mini-compilation of the very first hardcore breaks project from me & Vasilis, featuring tracks which cover the sound of mid '00s in the Nu-Rave scene, just before entering the lowest bpm productions."

You can listen & grab 'The Past EP' from Rememberrave here :

Forthcoming Releases:

1) Digitrol - Ye Olde Sound Of London (Motivbreaks Jungle Breaks remix)


2) Motivbreaks 'Save Me Tonight EP' [VIM]



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