Thursday, 25 June 2015

[PRMP3014] Various Artists - One Nation EP [Free EP From Paranoid Recordings]

1/ Worldwide Epidemic - Experimental Subconscious.
2/ Skunk Association - Nightmares.
3/ Liam Taylor - High Voltage.
4/ Cronin - One Nation.
Paranoid Recordings present another instalment in their legendary series of free 4-Track EP's featuring both veteran producers and newcomers to the underground hardcore breaks scene. The 'One Nation EP' sees the combined talents of Worldwide EpidemicSkunk Association, Liam Taylor and Cronin join forces to forge a heavyweight, tear-out breakbeat collection of tracks.
Opening in a with 'Experimental Subconscious' by New Zealand based artist Worldwide Epidemic. An epic slab of amen-led, jungle-tekno featuring layered breaks, soaring synths, classic female vocal chants and lashings of late '93 to early '94 attitude. If the likes of Chaos & Julia Set set your eardrums aflame then this'll definitely be your bag!

Skunk Association returns to Paranoid Recordings to give you 'Nightmares', which as the tracks title suggests features subtle 'darkcore' stylings, whilst not going overboard with the 'horror' leanings. Twisted mentasm riffs and the occasional, unnerving synth accompany a huge dubby bassline and Funky Nassau breakbeats to great effect.

Newcomer to the label, Liam Taylor drops an altogether nuskool take to the hardcore rave mould with 'High Voltage' by combining heavyweight D&B breaks with jittery percussive elements and an addictive bass melody. As a final flourish to complete the track, Liam expertly  lays down an immense hoover riff rhythm and synth notes.
PS - I can't be the only one who is getting a hardcore Sir MixaLot/Booty Bass vibe off of this track! :D

The one and only (Paul) Cronin bookends the 'One Nation EP' with 'One Nation' in his true signature style. Classic vocal samples? Check! 200 mph amen breaks? Check! Hands-in-the-air pianos? Check! Frenetic rave riffs? Check! Mental MC/Hip-Hop/Ragga/Oldskool vocal samplage? Check! Check! Check! If the hardcore scene had maintained mainstream popularity to this date, then Paul would be the rave Calvin Harris!

If your hardcore tastes span from atmospheric, yet heavyweight jungle to hands-in-the-air uplifting anthems then the 'One Nation EP' has it all! As it's free, you have no excuse not to get on this one! 
The 'One Nation EP' is available to download for free from the link below... Play it loud!!!

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